Teams Splitting NFL Sportsbooks For Odds On A Winning Record

  • The Washington Commanders have -105 odds to finish with a winning record.
  • There are -120 odds on the Las Vegas Raiders finishing with an above .500 record.
  • The New Orleans Saints have +110 odds to finish their season with a winning record.

LAS VEGAS – Three teams that have odds close to even to finish with a winning record of above .500 are the Washington Commanders, Las Vegas Raiders, and New Orleans Saints.

Washington Commanders

Washington Commanders To Finish With A Winning Record

  • Yes -105

With -105 odds, the Commanders are tied for the closest betting odds to finish above a .500 record this season and it is not hard to see why. First off, Washington’s win total this season is set at 8 with -105 odds to hit the over which is just one game under .500.

This season could be the one to finally get over the hump as they’ve upgraded under center to Carson Wentz who is easily their best option at QB in the last five years. Something else to note is that on paper, they have the easiest schedule in the league this season with their opponents combining for a 133-155-1 record.

Some of their opponents this season include the Jacksonville Jaguars, Detroit Lions, Chicago Bears, Houston Texans, and Atlanta Falcons.

Las Vegas Raiders

LV Raiders To Finish With A Winning Record

  • Yes -120

The Las Vegas Raiders have the strongest betting odds of any team on the list to finish above a .500 record being that they’ve added arguably the best receiver in the league in Davante Adams and one of the best edge rushers in the league, Chandler Jones.

The Raiders are also coming off of a winning 10-7 season in 2021 which is their third time in six years with a record of at least .500 or better.

There has also been an upwards trend going the Raiders way involving Derek Carr. In each of the last four seasons, Carr has upped his passing yard numbers to what they were last season (4,804) which was a career-high.

As a result of that, the Raiders have improved their record in each of the last four seasons as well. Most importantly of all, oddsmakers have set the Raiders win total at 8.5 and have the expectation of them hitting the over with -160 odds in that direction.

New Orleans Saints

NO Saints To Finish With A Winning Record

  • Yes +110

It is hard to see why the Saints sit above even to finish with a winning record as this is something they’ve done in each of their last five seasons. Looking at last season specifically, the Saints dealt with injuries to their top WR in Michael Thomas and Jameis Winston under center.

Even with that, they were able to muscle in a 9-8 season.

The Saints did a nice job in the offseason as well drafting one of the top receivers in the class, Chris Olave, and signed Jarvis Landry and Tyrann Mathieu to help bolster their already playoff-contending roster.

The Saints are also in a similar situation as the Raiders where NFL betting sites have given them an 8.5 win total with -145 odds to achieve the over.

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