The Best Top 2 Division Bets To Take In 2022

  • There are +110 odds for the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles to finish as the top-two teams in the division.
  • The Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings have -165 odds to be the top-two teams in the NFC North.
  • The Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers have even odds at being the two best teams in the division.

DALLAS – One of the most profitable prop bets that any bettor could take right now are the odds on which two teams will finish as the top two in their division. The fact that there are +110 odds for the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles to finish as the top-2 teams in the NFC East are, in the words of Stephen A. Smith, “blasphemous.”

Over the last five seasons, the Cowboys and Eagles have finished as the top-2 teams in the division four times.

The Cowboys were one of the best scoring teams in the league last season at 31.2 ppg and are on pace to be one of the top teams once more being that not much has changed for them on the offensive side of the ball. The Eagles were also a solid offensive team at 26.4 ppg and now that they’ve added an elite receiver in AJ Brown to the mix, that number could jump even more.

Clearing the way for them this season as well, the Washington Commanders are coming off of their fifth straight losing season and likely headed for their sixth while the Giants have just 22 wins in the last five seasons.

Packers Vikings Offering Free Money

Taking the Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings at -165 to finish as the top-2 teams is offering almost $65 when betting $100. Both teams have finished as the top 2 in the NFC North in two of the last three seasons.

Aaron Rodgers is expected to continue playing at an MVP-caliber level while the Vikings are starting to put things together with Justin Jefferson emerging as one of the best receivers in the league, Kirk Cousins playing on a more consistent level, and Dalvin Cook getting over the injury hump.

As for their competition, there should be no worries at all for the Detroit Lions or Chicago Bears. The Lions have finished in fourth place for the last four seasons and have +1000 odds to win the division.

The Bears are coming off of a third-place finish last season and have the longest odds to win the division at +1400.

Rams All But Locked, Can Niners Take Advantage Of Falling Cardinals?

The Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers have +100 odds to finish the season in the top-two position. The Rams are a sure lock to do so being that they are coming off a Super Bowl winning season and have gotten significantly stronger in the offseason to back that up.

As for the 49ers, they have the second shortest odds to win the division at +150 and are expected to remain in contention even with a potential new QB under center in Trey Lance.

The Seahawks can be counted out 100% as they have +1800 odds, the longest in the division to come out on top. While some might be riding high on the Arizona Cardinals to come in and contend with San Francisco, they must remember that DeAndre Hopkins will be out the first six weeks of the season.

They also lost Chandler Jones to free agency and Hollywood Brown is awaiting a disciplinary hearing for being arrested in the offseason.

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