Tannehill Looking To Return To Hard Rock As SB 54 Champion

  • Ryan Tannehill had a career resurgence after leaving the Miami Dolphins for the Tennessee Titans.
  • Tannehill’s Titans are set to take on the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game.
  • Former Dolphins QB Dan Marino is supporting Tannehill and hopes he can make it to Miami for the Super Bowl.

MIAMI – Ryan Tannehill has only one game left before he could make the most unexpected homecoming journey of the NFL season.

The former Dolphins quarterback has found a home as the signal-caller for the Tennessee Titans, who are set to take on the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship game in an attempt to make it to the Super Bowl, which will be held in Miami.

The Titans have their work cut out for them facing down the powerful Chiefs offense, led by Patrick Mahomes, Tyreek Hill, and Travis Kelce.

Tennessee, for their part, has made their bones in the playoffs by playing excellent defense and utilizing the talents of running back Derrick Henry and coach Mike Vrabel to drain the clock, play for field position, and suffocate opposing teams.

Tannehill himself has taken a backseat in the playoffs, but in the eyes of Miami legend Dan Marino, this could be his chance to make the homecoming that dreams are made of into a reality.

Marino, speaking to Miami’s Local 10 News, was certainly interested in the Tennessee quarterback’s return.

Marino was bullish on Tannehill’s chances to return for the Super Bowl, as well as Tennesee’s chances as a whole, saying: "Why not? They've done it so far, you know. They've played really good football, Tennessee, so maybe he can."

About Tannehill specifically, Marino said that his support was due to several factors: "Because I think he's a good kid and, you know, he played here for a lot of years for our Dolphins fans. So it'd be great for him to do well."

Tannehill certainly hasn’t been overly used in the playoffs, famously throwing for under 100 yards against the Patriots as Henry did most of the offensive legwork, but he was excellent during the season, to the point that some are looking to him as the player that will need to step up against the Chiefs.

Tannehill has not been asked to do much, as Henry has been so dominant in the postseason, but the Chiefs are a tough opponent. Stylistically, the Chiefs offense is so explosive that the Titans vice grip might not be able to contain them for very long.

If that happens, the Titans will need Tannehill to step up in order to make his homecoming a reality.

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