Could These Playoff Quarterbacks Be On The Move This Offseason?

  • Tom Brady will be an unrestricted free agent this offseason.
  • Drew Brees is the all-time leader in passing touchdowns with 547.
  • Ryan Tannehill has proven to be just enough for the Tennessee Titans this season.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – As the NFL season begins to reach its conclusion, the upcoming free-agent market has already begun to take shape as many teams will look for players to fill holes on their teams.

The most important position to watch during free agency this offseason will be the quarterbacks. With the future Hall of Famers like Tom Brady, Drew Brees, and Phillip Rivers's contracts all expiring, this year’s free agents could shift the balance of power in the NFL ahead of Super Bowl 55.

There are three quarterbacks that will all be free agents this offseason that were or are in the playoffs this season. Where these quarterbacks end up signing could cause a domino effect of moves around the NFL.

Tom Brady

It’s hard imagining Tom Brady suiting up for a team other than the New England Patriots, a team that he’s spent his entire career with. Brady has made it clear that he will be playing in the NFL in the new season.

However, the six-time champion has not given any indication of what team he will play for in 2020. The Patriots are only two years removed from winning the franchise's sixth Super Bowl title, and if Brady wants to make a deep run, the Patriots may be the only team that can provide him with that chance.

Brady cannot be given the franchise tag by the Patriots and is an unrestricted free agent which gives the veteran quarterback the freedom to chose where he will play in the upcoming season. He’ll likely choose to stay with the Patriots as the team's strong defense and weak AFC East division provide Brady with the best chance to win his seventh Super Bowl ring.

Drew Brees

The New Orleans Saints will have to make some major decisions regarding the future of their quarterback position. The Saints are going into the offseason with no quarterback under contract on their roster as Drew Brees, Teddy Bridgewater, and Taysom Hill are all free agents.

Bringing back all three quarterbacks will be the hardest task for the Saints as each player will be looking for bigger opportunities. The Saints priority must be to bring back at least two of the three quarterbacks that were on the roster this past season.

Teddy Bridgewater is most likely on his way out of the Bayou as there will be many teams wanting his services. The market for Brees would also feature a lot of teams but the Saints should have signing the quarterback high on their priorities list this offseason.

The best situation for Brees is in New Orleans where he still has playmakers like Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas around him.

Brees is the best player to ever put on a Saints uniform and he should retire as a Saint. Expect New Orleans and Brees to reach an agreement at some point this offseason and this move will immediately make the Saints Super Bowl Contenders again.

Ryan Tannehill

Tennessee Titans quarterback Ryan Tannehill has had one of the best career revivals we’ve seen in some time as he led the Titans into the playoffs and into the franchise’s first AFC championship game since 1999 this season.

His play this year alone will earn him a sizable pay raise this offseason, but will it be with the Tennessee Titans?

Tannehill has proven that he is a capable starter in the league this season by throwing for 2,742 yards, 22 touchdowns, and six interceptions. Tannehill is surprisingly the only quarterback on this list that hasn’t been bounced from the playoff this season.

The Titans will have to figure if they want to franchise tag or give the former Dolphin a long-term extension. Muddying up the waters for Tannehill is that running back Derrick Henry is also set to be a free agent this offseason and he will command a premium price after leading the NFL in rushing this season.

Tannehill will have his fair share of teams outside of the Titans to choose from, but no team will embrace him the way the Titans do. Expect Tannehill to return to the Titans as their quarterback of the future and Marcus Mariota will be shown the door.

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