Super Bowl 56 Early Game Total Increases With Shading On The Over

  • The early Super Bowl 56 game total opened at 51.5 points.
  • The early Super Bowl 56 total now sits at 52 points with -120 odds on the Over.

LOS ANGELES – Just weeks after the early Super Bowl 56 betting lines were released, they are already seeing changes as the total points in the game has seen a half-point shift.

Super Bowl betting sites originally opened the total points at 51.5 points and it has since shifted upwards to 52 points.

Super Bowl 56 Early Betting Total

  • Over 52 -120
  • Under 52 +100

Not only did the total points see a major shift, but the odds for the total also shifted. They opened with -110 odds on both the Over and Under. With the shift, the Over is now favored with -120 odds while the Under is seeing plus odds at +100.

When looking to bet on the early game total for the Super Bowl there are some ongoing trends to keep in mind. In the last five Super Bowls the total points have been set at 54 points or above and the Under has also hit in four of the last six Super Bowls.

Getting in on these early lines sooner rather than later could turn out to be profitable. With the Total being set at 52 right now with +100 odds on the Under, it is a great opportunity to get no juice for those following that trend. As the total is expected to rise to at least 54 points when the two teams are set, a higher total could mean that the odds flip.

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