Staying In Miami For SB 54 Comes With A Hefty Price Tag

  • Finding a place to stay in Miami for Super Bowl 54 will not come cheap to all of those attending the game.
  • The Ramada, a reasonably priced hotel is asking $700 a night for the big event.
  • Companies are expecting to see big paydays due to the lack of rooms left.

MIAMI – On its own, Miami is not a cheap place to live or visit unless you’re in places like Allapattah which is more affectionately known by locals as “the pork and beans.” Super Bowl 54 weekend will see soaring prices for places to stay by visitors; even the pork and beans will have a spike at hotels in their area.

It’s that pesky supply and demand notion allowing for the high price tag on rentals.

Not only is the Super Bowl happening, but February is also the biggest tourist month for the city as the rest of the nation is a Tundra. This means there are even fewer places available making prices skyrocket.

A one-bedroom condo at the 1 Hotel South Beach has a four-night stay minimum and is charging customers $5,500 per night. That’s $22,000 before taxes and fees to simply have a place to sleep.

The same hotel has a four-bedroom penthouse that is priced at $40,000 a night with the 4-night minimum rule intact. Rental companies are both excited and a bit nervous as the Super Bowl gets closer and these rooms have yet to be snatched up. Those prices are not affordable by the regular individual but luckily, many celebrities will be in attendance and need a place to stay.

Other Hotels

Condos at the 1 Hotel South Beach are not the only location gauging customers based on need. Popular venue the W South Beach hotel has tripled their nightly prices with a rate of $3,798 a night. Airport hotels, which are not exactly known for their glitz and glamour are taking advantage of the opportunity as well. The Days Inn at the Fort Lauderdale airport has rates of $400 a night, a far cry from their usual $99 a night price.

Five Star Luxury Travel, the agency renting the units at 1 Hotel are using social media to market themselves and their availability. They are banking on the idea that their accommodations go beyond that of any Airbnb making for a better experience by those on vacation. Housing Instagram Influencers has also been a great way for them to get the word out.

“Influencers are traveling nonstop and want to look like they have these special accommodations,” said Dan Fleyshman, founder of social media agency Elevator Studio and investor in Five Star.

They have to play the part, after all, influencers do it all for the ‘gram. This could help the remaining units be rented out despite the high nightly rates.

If hotels are not part of the SB 54 weekend, there is always the option of short-term rentals. Currently, there is a seven-bedroom mansion on the water in Fort Lauderdale going for a small $8,000 a night. If fans can get a bunch of people to split the cost then that Miami lifestyle people only hear about in Will Smith’s song, will be doable for a weekend.

With it being the biggest event for the year in the NFL, plenty of celebrities will be finding their way to Miami. This is going to lead to some big paydays for companies renting out rooms in the area.

As the day gets closer, companies like Five Star will see their list of availability become limited and gain their 20% on the nightly rate in the process. Super Bowl Sunday is February 2, but the fun starts well before that with a trail of parties and events leading the way.

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