Super Bowl 54 Betting Odds For Trick Plays

  • The San Francisco 49ers averaged 29.9 points per game during the regular season.
  • This is the third Super Bowl in Kansas City Chiefs franchise history.
  • The Chiefs are currently on an eight-game winning streak.

MIAMI – The finale of the NFL season is here as the San Francisco 49ers are set to take on the Kansas City Chiefs at Super Bowl 54 in Miami.

This game will feature two of the best offensive coaches in the NFL squaring off as Andy Reid and Kyle Shanahan both coached their offenses to top five rankings in total yards and points per game.

Throughout the history of the Super Bowl, there have been trick plays that have been called that have propelled teams to hoisting the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the game. Both Andy Reid and Kyle Shanahan both have experience in the Super Bowl but neither coach has captured the elusive title yet.

Expect both teams to come out aggressive and use trick plays to open up their offenses.

Both teams have the personnel to run any formation or play they want and that’s why there’s a significant chance that a trick play of some kind will happen in the Super Bowl.

The online sportsbooks such as BetOnline have a plethora of Super Bowl 54 prop bets that range from the national anthem length to the halftime performance. However, the focus of the props below will be trick play odds for the Super Bowl.

Will There Be A Flea Flicker attempted In Super Bowl 54

The Flea Flicker is one of the most common trick plays in all of football. Andy Reid is one of the most creative offensive minds the NFL has ever seen, and he’d have no problem calling plays to keep an aggressive 49ers defense guessing.

Flea Flicker Odds

It’s also not beneath the 49ers to call a flea-flicker early because they’re going to be expected to be running the ball much more than they pass it. The “Yes” odds for a flea-flicker happening are listed at +325 odds, while the “No” odds sit at -550.

With the “Yes’ odds providing a better payout and a likely possibility, taking those odds could be sought out by sports bettors. But, it’s not recommended to parlay this prop bet.

Will Any Wide Receiver Score A Rushing Touchdown in Super Bowl 54

This prop bet is the most intriguing of the three because the 49ers and Chiefs both have deep wide receiver corps that see at least 2-3 rushes per game. For Example, since Week 13 of the regular season the 49ers wide receiver Deebo Samuel has had at least one rushing attempt in every game.

He finished the season with 159 rushing yards and three rushing touchdowns on 14 carries. In the NFC Championship game, Samuel had two rushes for 43 yards.

WR SB Props

If any receiver is going to score a rushing touchdown it’ll be Samuel. However, on the Chiefs side, Tyreek Hill or Mecole Hardman are also good options to take one hand-off to the end zone.

This prop bet has +300 odds on the “Yes” while the “No” odds are listed at -500. Taking the “Yes” odds might be a safer bet then people think because of both team’s playmakers are at the wide receiver positions.

Will A Lineman Catch A Touchdown Pass

In the AFC Championship game, Tennessee Titans offensive lineman Dennis Kelly caught a touchdown pass but it’s unlikely that another offensive lineman will join Kelly as a lineman with a receiving touchdown in back to back weeks.

Lineman REC TD odds

Sports bettors are expected to fade this prop as its one that’s going to require a leap of faith.

The “Yes” odds for this prop are listed at +600 and the “No” odds are come in at -1500. No lineman has ever caught a touchdown pass in Super Bowl history and that trend is expected to continue.

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