NFL Future Odds Still At Play, League Continues Scheduled Season

  • The NFL has made no plans to postpone its upcoming season amid coronavirus concerns.
  • The league did cancel their annual meeting and several teams have suspended pro travel.
  • The coronavirus has caused multiple sporting leagues to postpone or outright cancel sporting events.

NEW YORK - With the bevy of sports leagues worldwide being forced to postpone or cancel sporting events due to growing concerns of the COVID-19 coronavirus spreading, the NFL has no plans of delaying the start of its season.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has made no public statement on the matter as of yet but several league spokespersons have addressed the situation. The league did cancel its annual owners' meeting, however, which was scheduled for March 29th.

Coronavirus Affecting Sports

The NFL has more than just the potential CBA to worry about as the coronavirus has already shut down several sporting leagues worldwide.

While, the NFL currently has no plans to delay their upcoming season, but they are observing the situation carefully.

“We are closely monitoring developments and have been in contact with The World Health Organization, CDC and the NFL-NFLPA medical experts at the Duke Infection Control Outreach Network (DICON) Program for Infection Prevention,” said Brian McCarthy, league spokesman to PFT via email. “We will continue those discussions throughout our offseason.”

The annual meeting thus far is the only NFL casualty of the coronavirus. Though teams like the Miami Dolphins have told their staff and players to stay home, suspended travel to avoid possible contact with the virus.

“The safety of everyone associated with the Miami Dolphins is of the utmost importance,” the team announced in a statement. “We will continue to monitor the situation and take advice from our medical staff and public officials.”

For now, sports bettors won't have to worry about Super Bowl betting being affected by the virus as things are set to continue as scheduled barring any new information to the contrary. Super Bowl 55 odds, as well as NFL MVP odds and more, are still being offered by online sportsbooks.

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