Sportsbooks Offering Bets On Super Bowl Winning Conference

  • The AFC has -125 odds to beat the underdog NFC (-105) in Super Bowl 57.
  • Overall conference strength suggests betting on the AFC moneyline is a better bet than placing individual teams futures.
  • Spreading out futures bets on the Buccaneers(+850), Packers(+1200), and the Rams(+1200) results in larger payouts than betting on the NFC moneyline.

GLENDALE, Ariz. - The 103rd NFL Season has yet to begin, but BetOnline is already offering odds on which conference will be home to Super Bowl 57's winning team.

AFC vs. NFC Super Bowl 57 Odds

Conference: Spread: Moneyline: Total:
AFC -1.5 (-110) -125 O 49.5 (-110)
NFC +1.5 (-110) +105 U 49.5 (-110)

Betting On The Favored AFC To Win The Super Bowl

The AFC is not just favored to win the Super Bowl, they consist of three of the four divisions with the shortest odds to win the Super Bowl.

Division: Odds To Win Super Bowl 57:
AFC West +350
AFC East +450
NFC West +450
AFC North +550
NFC North +600
NFC South +600
NFC East +1000
AFC South +1200

Based on Pro Football Focus’s power rankings, those divisional and conference odds may make some sense. The AFC West consists of the Kansas City Chiefs (ranked 4th), Los Angeles Chargers (5th), Denver Broncos (7th), and the Las Vegas Raiders (16th) who all project to be above average to elite teams.

The AFC East is home to the Buffalo Bills who have the shortest Super Bowl odds out of any team at +650.

Alternatives To Betting On The NFC Offer Larger Payouts

Betting on the NFC as an underdog to win the Super Bowl may sound like an enticing bet now because of the unknown status of the participants, but for bettors looking to maximize payouts, it makes more sense to bet on individual team futures than settle for -105 moneyline odds.

The history of past Super Bowl winners can help narrow down the teams to bet on. This can be a way to ensure a larger return than $95.24 when betting on the NFC moneyline.

Over the past 20 seasons, only two Super Bowl-winning teams have started the season with preseason odds longer than +2200 odds. Those teams were the Philadelphia Eagles(+4000) in 2017 and the New York Giants(+3000) in 2007.

NFC Teams With +2200 Odds Or Shorter

  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers(+850)
  • Green Bay Packers(+1200)
  • Los Angeles Rams(+1200)
  • San Francisco 49ers(+1800)
  • Dallas Cowboys(+2200)

Placing a $37 bet on the Bucs, $20 on the Packers and Rams, $13 on the 49ers, and $10 on the Cowboys would lead to a minimum profit of $140. The payouts would increase for the teams more likely to win the Super Bowl as well, with the Buccaneers the largest profit at $188.50.

Also, eight of the past nine Super Bowl winners (the 2017 Eagles as the exception) have had odds of +1200 or shorter. That would narrow down the teams to the Buccaneers, Packers, and Rams. Betting $40 on the Bucs and then $30 on both the Packers and Rams would lead to a $320 profit regardless of who won after subtracting losses from the losing teams.

With the large field of great teams in the AFC it may make sense to bet on them via moneyline, but using Super Bowl history makes it clear that betting on the realistic teams in the NFC makes more dollars and sense than betting NFC moneyline.

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