Rams Passing TD, Bengals FG Among Favored First Score Methods

  • From 1991 to 2021, 55% of the Super Bowl’s first score has been a field goal
  • The 2021 playoffs have seen more running touchdowns as the first score than anything else

LOS ANGELES – Super Bowl 56 is featuring two teams that are in the top 10 most touchdowns scored per game.

The Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals have been very efficient in scoring touchdowns all season long but the last 29 Super Bowls point towards a field goal being the first score of the game.

First Score Method In Super Bowls 1991-2021

  • 16 – started with a field goal (55%)
  • 10 – passing touchdown first (34%)
  • 2 – started with a touchdown run (6.9%)
  • 2 – saw a safety occur first (6.9%)
  • 1 – had a kickoff return touchdown (3.4%)

Moreover, the last four Super Bowls have had field goals being the first method of scoring.

Super Bowl 56 Prop Bet For The First Score

  • Los Angeles Rams Passing TD +280
  • Cincinnati Bengals Field Goal +375
  • Cincinnati Bengals Passing TD +375
  • Los Angeles Rams Field Goal +375
  • Los Angeles Rams Rushing TD +575
  • Cincinnati Bengals Rushing TD +625
  • Los Angeles Rams Def/ST TD +2500
  • Cincinnati Bengals Def/ST TD +3300
  • Cincinnati Bengals Safety +4000
  • Los Angeles Rams Safety +4000

Background Information From The Playoffs

In the first three rounds of the NFL playoffs, scoring by a touchdown run was the most common occurrence (5). The second highest first method of scoring was touchdown passes with four, while field goals were the third on the list.

The Bengals playoff games are responsible for kicking up the field goal as the first score. The Las Vegas Raiders scored a field goal first in the Wild Card Round and the Bengals struck first with a field goal in their divisional and championship matchups.

The Rams have scored first in each game played during the 2021 playoffs. In two of the three games, a passing touchdown was first and the other game started with a 26-yard field goal from Matt Gay.

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