Evidence Points To Stafford Having First Turnover Of Super Bowl 56

  • Mathew Stafford has 17 interceptions – tied for first in most thrown in the 2021 regular season.
  • In the past 19 years, over 65% of Super Bowls have seen an interception as the first turnover.
  • Cam Akers fumbled the ball twice in the 2021 Divisional Round.

LOS ANGELES – Joe Burrow and Mathew Stafford have thrown for a combined 31 interceptions in the 2021 regular season.

Stafford has averaged an interception per game for the regular season but has only thrown one interception in the 2021 playoffs.

These two QBs typically take deep shots down the field. When placing this bet on the Super Bowl, it is important to understand the patterns of the players involved.

Matthew Stafford is in the top five for passing yards in the 2021 regular season, but he was tied with Trevor Lawrence for most interceptions thrown (17).

Joe Burrow is in the top 10 as well and finished the 2021 regular season with 14 interceptions.

Odds Of First SBLVI Turnover

  • First Turnover Is Interception -160
  • First Turnover Is Fumble +160
  • No Turnover +700

In the last 19 Super Bowls, 63% (12) have seen an interception as the first turnover of the game.

First Turnovers From Last 19 Super Bowls

  • 12 Interception
  • 3 Fumbles
  • 1 Missed Field Goal
  • 2 Safety
  • 1 Turnover on Downs

Cam Akers played five snaps in the regular season but has been getting back into the rotation. Fumbling the ball twice, this Super Bowl 56 prop bet could lean some away from betting on an INT being first.

Looking At The Defenses

The Bengals ended the 2021 regular season with 14 total interceptions and the Rams had 19.

Jalen Ramsey had four interceptions on the season and will be matched up against Ja’Marr Chase – one that will take the focus of many.

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