Quarterback Prop Bets: Marcus Mariota vs Ryan Tannehill

  • There are prop bets regarding the destination of NFL free agent QB’s Ryan Tannehill and Marcus Mariota.
  • League buzz has sports bettors taking action on their possible destinations.
  • Tom Brady’s decision may play a major role in Mariota and Tannehill’s decisions.

FOXBOROUGH, Mass.- The NFL free agency has sports bettors taking action on destinations for major players. QB’s Ryan Tannehill and Marcus Mariota particularly have a few prop bets surrounding their final destinations.

Tannehill is favored to end up on most teams over Mariota, however, league buzz shows Mariota may be the Patriots next target if they fail to keep Tom Brady.

Brady’s decision also may affect Tannehill, as the Tennessee Titans are set to pursue the six-time Super Bowl Champ.

Free Agent Prop Bets

For starters, there are prop bets for both players becoming the next QB of the New England Patriots barring Brady moving on. Tannehill has shorter odds than Mariota, +350 to Mariota’s +500, however word around the league is that the Patriots are interested in Mariota.

“Keep this in the back of your mind – with all the uncertainty surrounding Tom Brady, the New England Patriots are showing interest in soon to be free-agent quarterback Marcus Mariota,” said Tony Pauline, NFL Draft analyst.

“The former first-round pick is being courted by several teams who may have an open competition at quarterback. I’m told the Indianapolis Colts have also shown interest in Mariota – just in case.”

Despite the interest Mariota is garnering, sports bettors still have low expectations regarding the QB having a starting position during Week 1. Current odds for Mariota starting have “No” as the -200 favorite.

Marcus Mariota Be A Starter Somewhere In Week 1

Will Marcus Mariota Start in Week1?

  • No -200
  • Yes +150

Tannehill on the other hand, has sports bettors split on whether or not he will remain the starting QB for the Tennessee Titans. Currently, both Yes and No odds are at -120.

NFL journalist Greg A. Bedard revealed in a column that the Tennessee Titans plan to use Tom Brady as leverage to resign Tannehill at a cheaper rate.

“League sources expect the Titans to lock in Ryan Tannehill at some point at a cheaper rate thanks to the Brady leverage, although that could change,” Bedard reported.

The NFL free agency is sure to have sportsbooks very active as sports bettors aim to win big.

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