Quarterback Competitions Heat Up With Training Camps Openings

  • Nick Foles has -300 odds to win the starting job for the Chicago Bears.
  • Joe Burrow is a -5000 odd favorite to be the Cincinnati Bengals’ Week 1 starter.
  • Cam Newton (+1600 to LA Chargers) has many longshot odds to start on various teams.

CHICAGO — As the NFL’s offseason continues and teams begin to get ready for training camps, quarterback competitions around the league are starting to heat up.

As they start to heat up, teams need to start making decisions as the season is right around the corner.

NFL sportsbooks have odds posted for different teams on who is going to be under center during Week 1 of the season.

Odds are posted for the Chicago Bears, Los Angeles Chargers, New England Patriots and the Cincinnati Bengals.

Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears have a bit of a situation on their hands after bringing in Nick Foles during the offseason.

They currently also have Mitch Trubisky as well.

Anyone who watches the Bears knows just how inconsistent Trubisky can be which is what pushed them to go out and get Foles in the first place.

The current odds have Foles favored to be the starter for Week 1 with -300 while Mitch Trubisky is at +200.

Foles is a proven winner as he was the starter for the Eagles’ Super Bowl run.

Foles though is also coming off of an injury-riddled season with the Jacksonville Jaguars and when he did come back, he got benched.

The upcoming season is looking to be a last chance situation for Trubisky to make things right and if not, fans can expect to see Foles under center.

Los Angeles Chargers

The LA Chargers situation could be a bit misleading as they went out and drafted Justin Herbert with the sixth overall pick in the draft but all signs have been pointing towards Tyrod Taylor suiting up under center Week 1.

Taylor served as a backup for the Chargers in the 2019 season where he only saw eight games and 33 passing yards to show for it.

Taylor has also been a backup quarterback since 2018 when he got benched for Baker Mayfield on the Browns.

Taylor is sitting at -400 odds right now while Herbert has +250 odds.

Cam Newton is also on this list with +1600 odds but is not currently signed to a team as of yet.

The reason for Taylor being a heavy favorite is because of head coach Anthony Lynn’s comments.

“We're going into this thing: Day 1, Tyrod Taylor's going to be starting it off—He's earned that right. His teammates respect the hell out of him, he's a leader on this football team. Our young quarterback's gonna learn a lot from Tyrod Taylor. Tyrod Taylor's one of the most respected players on our team, and he doesn't say a whole lot either, said Lynn.

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals quarterback competition should be a no brainer.

It is between first overall pick, Joe Burrow and sophomore quarterback, Ryan Finley.

Finley appeared in three games last year for the Bengals and was horrific.

In those three games, he threw for 474 yards, two touchdowns, two interceptions, and was sacked 11 times.

Burrow on the other hand is coming in as the top pick out of LSU, winning both the Heisman and a National Championship.

He is favored to be the starter come Week 1 with -5000 odds.

New England Patriots

For the first time in 20 years, the Patriots, do not know who their quarterback is going to be.

Their options right now are sophomore Jarrett Stidham and veteran Brian Hoyer, who they signed in the offseason.

The current odds are in favor of Stidham as he has -350 odds.

Cam Newton is surprisingly second on the list with +400 odds but as previously mentioned, he is not on a team and Hoyer is sitting with the furthest odds at +500.

Stidham has the shortest odds for a reason.

Backing up Tom Brady should be enough of a reason as he had a whole year to learn from him.

He also, however, did not get off to a hot start in the little action that he did play as in his four passing attempts, he threw one pick-six.

With many more quarterback controversies to go, NFL fans have plenty to bet on before the start of the NFL season.

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