Over/Under Win Total Odds: Can The Browns Wake Up In 2020?

  • The Browns have four picks in the first three rounds of the NFL Draft.
  • Baker Mayfield is having a rough start to his career having thrown 20 touchdowns and 21 interceptions in 2019.
  • The Browns Over/Under win total odds are currently set at 8.5 games.

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Another year, another disappointing season for the Cleveland Browns. The Over/Under season win total for the Browns 2020 season is set at 8.5. But, if they don’t make the necessary changes, they won’t come close to that win total.

They cannot take any shortcuts, or work their way around going through a proper rebuild. If they want to win, they must go about things the right way. Bettors will likely want to fade their Super Bowl betting odds this season, but their win total prop is worth analyzing.

NFL Draft

Luckily for the Browns, they have four draft picks in the first three rounds. Their top priority in the 2020 NFL Draft should be to bulk up their offensive line. Their O-line allowed 41 sacks and only had enough power to make room for 51 rushes of 10 yards or more.

The Browns could look to add Jedrick Wills out of Alabama or Tristan Wirfs. Either one would work out great for them. Wills has a run blocker grade of 90.5 and a pass protection grade of 75.

Wirfs, on the other hand, has the potential to be the best offensive linemen in the Draft as he had an impressive outing in the combine. Wirfs had a 40-yard dash of 4.85 seconds and set combine records with a 3.65 vertical jump and 10 foot 1 broad jump.

A revamp in their O-Line would not be enough to make a change to their 8.5 Over/Under win projection, but it would definitely be a step in the right direction.

Struggles And Rebuild…Again

What seems like a never-ending battle to find a quarterback that fits their system has taken another hit yet again. It is safe to say that Baker Mayfield is not the guy that the Browns were hoping for.

He had a nightmarish sophomore season with 22 touchdowns, 21 interceptions (2nd most in the league) and 40 sacks. The fact that he was sacked so many times is eye-opening since he has the speed and ability to escape the pocket if needed.

The 2020 season should be treated as Mayfield’s last chance to prove himself. As a previous number one overall pick in the Draft, he should be expected to come in and produce right away, and that is not happening for him.

Unfortunately for the Browns fanbase, they have a very unorganized and confusing front office when it comes to realizing the state of their organization. They do not want to come to the realization that they need to go through a proper rebuild and not take shortcuts around it.

Bringing in Odell Beckham Jr. and Kareem Hunt were big moves on paper, but in reality, it really just slowed down the rebuilding process. Odell has arguably one of his worst seasons as a pro going for a career-low 1,035 yards and four touchdowns. Jarvis Landry had a decent year but it was not enough to make a difference for them. Landry would fit better in this system as a number two receiving option.

The confusion at in the receiving core is not entirely at the fault of the receivers as again, Baker Mayfield has not yet proven himself under center.

It is not all bad in Cleveland as there are two bright spots on this team. Nick Chubb had a phenomenal year as he was second in the league in rushing yards with 1,494 yards put up 8 touchdowns despite the team having problems in the O-line.

The other positive believe it or not is the defense. They have some bright players such as Joe Schobert who had 89 solo tackles, Denzel Ward who had a decent sophomore season and of course Myles Garret who unfortunately only played 10 games due to suspension but managed to record 10 sacks.

The last big problem with this team is the lack of consistency at the head coaching job. They have had four coaches in the last five years.

No wonder this team cannot catch a break because their players have to learn a new system every year. They need to stick with one guy and trust the process and let their players learn one system.

The Browns need to realize that they cannot take any shortcuts when it comes to rebuilding their team. They must be prepared to let things get worse before they get better.

Season Win Odds

The Browns really need to take care of business this offseason if they want to turn things around. Since 2003 they have only had one season with a record above .500. That’s once in 17 seasons. This should be an easy decision for bettors as they take the Under bet with ease.

Do not let the oddsmakers fool you with the Over bet being favored at -125 while the Under is at -105. This is one of the most stubborn franchises when it comes to doing things the right way.

They will most likely not make the moves needed to succeed this upcoming season allowing for sports bettors who took the Under to feel the benefits.

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