Odds For HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks’ – Which Team Will It Be In 2020?

  • HBO has had 14 seasons of their hit NFL show “Hard Knocks” and sportsbooks have posted odds on who will be featured in their next season.
  • The show has won 18 Emmy Awards since its start in 2001.
  • The Pittsburgh Steelers are favored among sportsbooks to be the star of the series for 2020.

PITTSBURGH – The odds are in for HBO’s “Hard Knocks” series which features a different NFL team each year. Which organization will take center stage for their 2020 edition? Sportsbooks are featuring odds that favor the Pittsburgh Steelers (-145) to take the spotlight.

Every season of “Hard Knocks” highlights a particular team that did not make it to the playoffs two years in a row and continue to have the same coach going into the next year.

It is a reality show presented in a documentary style and is produced by both the NFL and HBO. Each series has a total of five episodes covering training camps and the professional and personal lives of the franchise as a whole.

Teams That Meet The Requirements

There are five teams this year that meet the show’s requirements which include:

  • Not be in the postseason for a minimum of two back to back seasons.
  • Have the same head coach going into their next season as the organization didn’t fire their current coach.
  • Not been featured on the series within the past ten years.

The five teams that have a shot at being on “Hard Knocks” by meeting these requirements are the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Arizona Cardinals (+275), the Jacksonville Jaguars (+500), the Denver Broncos (+550), and the Detroit Lions (+700).

Sportsbooks have the Steelers in the top spot because not only are they qualified to be on the show, they are the “Steel Curtain.” They have a ridiculously huge fanbase of diehard fans which HBO believes will amount to a larger viewership. The Steelers finished their season at a solid .500 with an 8-8 record.

This could lead them to a potential playoff berth next year with a few tweaks to their team and its strategies. Viewers would be interested in seeing them during training camp to see these changes take place. Plus, star quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has had a weight issue that is sure to make the series should the Steelers be chosen.

If “Hard Knocks” has a chance to film the Pittsburgh Steelers, NFL fans would have a chance to see a possible Super Bowl 55 contender.  Pittsburgh is a dynasty team and they can live up to their name once again. Airing on the HBO series would give everyone a chance to see the beginning of what could bring a once stellar team back to their glory days.

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