Nick The Dolphins’ Super Bowl Pick Is In, What Is His Record?

  • Nick is a 17-year-old dolphin based in the Clear Water Marine Aquarium.
  • Dolphin trainers have been testing Nick for two weeks ahead of his selection.
  • Other animals such as Ozzy the bear and Fiona the hippo made Super Bowl picks as well.

TAMPA - Nick the dolphin could possibly be the only dolphin that wins on Sunday after he selected the Kansas City Chiefs to win Super Bowl LIV.

Pick Preparation

Officials at the Clear Water Marine Aquarium standby as they help prepare Nick the dolphin to make his Super Bowl 54 prediction.

The trainers prepare the 17-year-old dolphin by testing him with matchmaking games. For the Super Bowl pick specifically, it took two weeks for Nick to learn the two teams. They tested him by placing items underwater and had him come up and match the item underwater with the item on land.

The Pick Is In

After weeks of training and preparation, Nick the dolphin was ready to make his pick. After coming out from the water, the Nick went straight for the Arrowhead of the Kansas City Chiefs over the 49ers logo.

Nick has chosen 8 of his 15 selections correctly. He has made picks for the World Series, World Cup, and the College Football National Championship. He correctly picked the Washington Nationals to win the World Series but came up short when picking Clemson to win over LSU in the National Championship.

Other Animals Weighing In Their Picks

Nick was not the only animal having fun with his Super Bowl pick ahead of Sunday. Both Ozzy the bear and Fiona the hippo made selections as well.

Ozzy has picked the last six Super Bowl winners correctly with a record of 7-1. However, Fiona has a 1-1 record correctly picking the Eagles to win over the Patriots in 2018 and incorrectly picking the Rams to win over the Patriots in 2019. She had quite an interesting way to express how she felt about this current matchup.

Both Ozzy the bear and Fiona the hippo picked the 49ers to win.

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