Miami Law Enforcement Prepares for A Hectic Super Bowl Week

  • Counterfeit Super Bowl merchandise is being seized.
  • US Coastguard set a perimeter around Miami hot spots.
  • Terrorist threats are not being looked at lightly.

MIAMI - Amid Super Bowl week down in Miami, local law enforcement has been busy behind the scenes, preparing for any sort of disaster that could take place.

Certain bans have been put in place in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl such as a ban on drones. Other sorts of security measure have also called for the active help of the civilians of Miami, especially in terms of human trafficking.

However, there are other major potential crises that have required the help of the FBI, Miami Coast Gaurd, and other large protection agencies ahead of the Super Bowl.

Counterfeit Super Bowl Merchandise Being Seized

Fake merchandise is not uncommon, but local law enforcement in Miami will not be tolerating any of it. Shipments from China have been intercepted by U.S. customs that were filled with Super Bowl merchandise.  Items such as jerseys, hats, and even replica Super Bowl rings were found.

“It’s absolutely not fair for local vendors who are spending money getting a license, paying their taxes and they’re competing against criminals that are exploiting this big Super Bowl LIV experience,” said Steve Francis, director of National Intellectual Property Rights Center.

U.S. Coast Guard Amps Up Perimeter Security

The United States Coast Guard has been in full effect as the Super Bowl is nearing. A perimeter has been set all around South Beach starting from the Miami river making its way along the coast of Bayfront Park located in downtown Miami and ending at the Port of Miami and Museum park.

With this perimeter set, coast guard officials have been escorting cruise ships in and out of the Port of Miami which is the largest port in the world. They are also requiring boats to maintain a certain speed without stopping leaving no chance for criminals to drop off illegal shipments.

“We will be conducting these safety and security operations alongside our year-round, day-to-day, 24-by-seven operations that sector Miami conducts,” said Captain Jo-Ann Burdain, commander for the Coast Guard in Miami.

Terrorism Being Treated With Extreme Caution

Terrorism has been treated as the biggest concern for Miami law enforcement this past week as many people will be traveling to and from Miami. Law enforcement officials will be placed amongst large crowds to help prevent hidden threats.

“In regards to high-rise buildings, the security of people in the streets of Miami, that has been brought to the attention of state and local law enforcement and those security concerns are being addressed,” said Thomas Jones, assistant special agent in charge of Miami’s FBI office.

Being that several skyscrapers are towering over Miami, this makes security measures that much more difficult.

The FBI will be contributing to the Super Bowl’s security with crisis management and tactical teams.

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