Do You Even Lift? NFL Draft Combine Bench Press Prop Bets

  • The NFL Draft Combine odds are available for almost every test at the event.
  • The bench press record at 49 reps is in play, as there is action being taken on it being broken.
  • The combine will showcase potential NFL talent to eager teams looking for a franchise savior.

INDIANAPOLIS - The NFL Draft combine odds are underway and sports bettors are finding no shortage of betting lines surrounding the scouting event.

A major focus for NFL bettors and Super Bowl bettors is the bench press, as action is being taken on how many reps, and if the record for most reps will be broken. The combine is a way for teams to gauge which players have potential. As teams analyze the potential stars, sports bettors’ wager to win big.

Combine Props

The first prop bet of note for the 2020 NFL Draft combine is the over-under on total reps. The current total is set at 38.5 with the over at -150 and the under at +110.

Most Bench Press Reps:

  • Less Than 38.5 +110
  • More Than 38.5 -150

On average, players at the combine bench around 35 reps, with only 17 players since 1999 being able to bench more than 40 reps.

Although benching does not indicate how well a player will face in the NFL, it can still give teams an example of how strong a given player is and they can use this information to help them decide on drafting the player or not. Strength is a major factor in football, especially for linemen.

The next bench related prop bet surrounding the combine is if Stephen Paea’s 2011 bench press record of 49 reps will be broken.

Current odds say no at -1000 with yes being set at +550. It is very unlikely that we will see a record like that being broken, as Paea was the first person to do that many reps since Justin Ernest in 1999.

Odds To Break Stephen Paea’s 49-Rep Bench Press Record:

  • Be Broken-NO -1000
  • Be Broken-YES +550

When Paea initially set this record, the NFL world went crazy as no one predicted that event happening. It is safe to say betting the long odds will be a true risk at this year’s combine.

The combine may shine a light on some lesser-known players, but the results most likely won’t affect the consensus number one pick Joe Burrow being taken first, despite how small his hands are.

The combine is sure to have even more prop bets as the tests continue.

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