NBC Breaks Super Bowl Ad Price Record

  • Super Bowl LVI’s commercial price is up nearly a million dollars over Super Bowl LV.
  • NBC recently sold a 30-second Super Bowl ad for $6.5 million.
  • Online sportsbooks offer odds on the content of these Super Bowl ads.

LOS ANGELES - NBC, which broadcasts the Super Bowl, has already begun to sell ad space for the biggest stage event of the year.

While estimates in July suggested that 30-second ads during the Super Bowl were going for up to $6.2 million, reports in September indicate that NBC has broken a record for the price of a 30-second Super Bowl ad: $6.5 million.

This is a marked increase over what Super Bowl ads were going for this past year, during the part of the COVID-19 pandemic, when fans were not allowed in sports stadiums.

Those ads, sold by CBS, ended up costing advertisers around $5.5 million on average for a 30-second spot.

Super Bowl And Winter Olympics Ad Sales Are Paired By NBC

NBC will also broadcast the Winter Olympics, which will air in 2022 beginning on Feb. 4 - only nine days after the Super Bowl itself.

Due to this, they have been asking advertisers to commit to buying ad space during the Olympics when they buy ad space for the Super Bowl.

Dan Lovinger, EVP of advertising sales at NBC Sports Group, claimed in September that the Winter Olympics are now at “near sell-out levels”, per Reuters.

Super Bowl Commercial Betting

With so many advertisers spending tons of money to get their products in front of the biggest audiences for TV events, it should come as no surprise that NBC is milking it as much as possible.

Similarly, it also brings opportunity for online sportsbooks to get in on this action.

Betting on Super Bowl commercials has been part of the festivities surrounding the biggest day in sports betting for a long time.

Will there be a COVID vaccine commercial?

  • No -400
  • Yes +250

With all of the ads that will be aired during the Super Bowl, it seems clear that there is money to be made, whether one is a simple NFL betting fan, or a media giant with exclusive rights to the largest TV audience of the year.

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