James Robinson’s Betting Value Rises After Travis Etienne Injury

  • James Robinson had a regular-season rushing total of 670.5 yards with -170 odds on the oer.
  • Travis Etienne had a rushing yards total of 650.5 yards with odds shading on the over.
  • Etienne was also expected to add 44 receptions and 400 yards in the receiving game.

JACKSONVILLE – Travis Etienne has suffered a season-ending surgery which now leaves James Robinson as the unquestioned lead back in the Jacksonville Jaguars backfield. Etienne’s injury is bound to massively impact James Robinson’s season total betting odds.


What The Totals Were Prior To The Injury

After the Jacksonville Jaguars spent a first-round pick on Travis Etienne, NFL betting sites anticipated a split backfield as both James Robinson and Etienne’s numbers were fairly similar.

James Robinson Regular-Season Rushing Yards

  • Over 670.5 -170
  • Under 670.5 +130

Travis Etienne Regular Season Rushing Yards

  • Over 650.5 -120
  • Under 650.5 -110

Robinson ran for 1,070 yards in the 2020 seasons in just 14 games and anyone who has been able to get Robinson’s number at 670.5 yards should be jumping for joy as it’s a nearly guaranteed ticket barring an injury.

Meanwhile, anyone who bet on Etienne is not out of luck. Sportsbooks such as Bovada have the specification saying the player must play in Week 1 for the bet to have action.

This remains true for the rest of the Jaguars odds as well such as Etienne’s receptions total and overall yardage totals.

Travis Etienne Regular Season Receptions

  • Over 44.4 -115
  • Under 44.5 -115

Travis Etienne Rushing + Receiving Yards Totals

  • Over 1050.5 -110
  • Under 1050.5 -120

How The Odds Have Changed

With the news of Etienne’s season-ending surgery so fresh, most sportsbooks haven’t been able to adjust the lines yet. With that said, any bet placed after the announcement of the injury will likely be voided.

Just how much the lines will change is yet to be seen, but an alleged 1050 yards of offense was just removed from the team, the output has to be picked up by someone and it’s likely Robinson.

However, with the limited line movement, we have seen since the news broke, big changes are on the horizon for James Robinson’s season odds. In fact, Robinson went from +10000 odds to league the league in rushing yards to +2500.

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