Is Betting -430 Odds On SBLVI For A Non-3 Point Victory Worth It?

  • Only six Super Bowls ended with a three-point margin – and hasn’t since 2013 (Ravens vs. 49ers).
  • A total of five games have been decided by exactly three points in the 2021 playoffs.
  • Evan McPherson is 12/12 in postseason field goal attempts.

LOS ANGELES – Out of the last 55 Super Bowls that have taken place, only six of them have been decided by exactly three points.

While this comes out to 11%, it does not signify any chance for this outcome occurring in the 2021 Super Bowl.

This Super Bowl bet may have expensive or long odds (depending on the side of the line) but it sure has been an unordinary year for the NFL postseason.

SBLVI Odds – Game Decided By 3 Points?

  • Either team wins by 3 points +290
  • Either team does not win by 3 points -430

The Cincinnati Bengals have won their last two postseason games by exactly three points in their 2021 playoff run.

They are no stranger to close games and have a kicker that has not missed a single field goal in the postseason. Evan McPherson is 12/12 in field goal attempts with an average kick distance of 54 yards.

The Los Angeles Rams have also won their last two games by exactly three points. The Rams have relied on their kicker Matt Gay in this postseason and he has converted seven field goals from nine attempts.

The last time the Super Bowl was decided by exactly three points, the Ravens and 49ers saw a power outage in Super Bowl 47 in 2013.

No matter how reliable the kicker on either team, the history of every Super Bowl final score does not encourage taking the underdog odds. Despite five of the last six playoff games being decided by exactly three points, it may be the perfect year to overcome the odds and place a risky bet.

Just keep in mind that the Super Bowl has not been decided by under seven points since Tom Brady came back from 28-3 in 2017.

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