Is Anthony Richardson A Good Bet In The NFL Draft?

  • Anthony Richardson’s NFL Draft odds have shrunk from +3300 to be the first overall pick to +650 despite not having played since November.
  • Richardson’s physical gifts are the main reason for his short number-one overall pick odds.
  • The NFL Combine begins in three days, with bettors wise to bet on Anthony Richardson before he dominates the NFL Combine.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Anthony Richardson's NFL draft odds have continued to shorten at online sportsbooks, with the former University of Florida quarterback seeing his number one overall pick odds shift from +3300 on December 21 to +650 currently despite not having played since November.

What are Anthony Richardson's NFL Draft Odds?

NFL Draft sportsbooks have not shortened the first-overall pick odds for Anthony Richardson because of any new film of the quarterback on the field, it is the buzz surrounding Richardson's physical attributes and potential that has now made him the player with the fourth shortest first pick odds.

NFL Draft: First Overall Pick Odds

  • Bryce Young -150
  • CJ Stroud +400
  • Will Levis +500
  • Anthony Richardson +650
  • Jalen Carter +700
  • Will Anderson +1200

There have been many different videos that have been circulating on Twitter that display his perceived upside and have influenced Richardson's odds at Super Bowl betting sites.

Those types of plays caused ESPN's Matt Miller to write about Anthony Richardson's draft profile, in which he called the quarterback the most polarizing prospect in the draft and possibly the best player based on physical tools.

In some ways, that upside and physical profile make Richardson the polar opposite of the current number one overall pick favorite, Bryce Young (-150).

Comparing Bryce Young to Anthony Richardson

Young is coming off a terrific career at the University of Alabama, one that saw him lead the Crimson Tide to the College Football in 2021 and win the Heisman Trophy.

With that resume, it is a lot to ask of Richardson to compete statistically with Young:

  • Bryce Young College Stats: 624 Completions on 949 Attempts, 8,356 Yards, 80 Touchdowns, 12 Interceptions
  • Anthony Richardson College Stats: 215 Completions on 393 Attempts, 3,105 Yards, 24 Touchdowns, 15 Interceptions

That comparison is also not entirely fair given Richardson's 1,000-yard lead on Young in rushing yards, but it does show that Young is more polished than Richardson right now.

Richardson threw an interception once every 26.2 passes, which is more than three times as often as Bryce did in college (Young threw an interception once every 78.8 passes).

With statistics such as that supporting Young, it is clear that Richardson's athletic profile is what must be the difference maker to NFL scouts for bets on Richardson to be picked first to pay out:

  • Bryce Young Physical Profile: 6-0, 194 Pounds
  • Anthony Richardson Physical Profile: 6-4, 236 Pounds

Anthony Richardson is expected to test very well at the NFL Combine.

It may be a wise strategy for Richardson supporters to get their bets in before that combine, because if he performs as expected his odds will likely only get shorter.


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