Betting Against Taylor Swift as SB58 Performance Favorite

  • Taylor Swift has the shortest odds for the second year in a row to perform the Super Bowl 58 Halftime Show at +650 odds.
  • Drake has +800 odds to perform and has talked about doing it in the past and has recently discussed retiring in the near future.
  • Female artists have not headlined the Super Bowl in back to back years since 2012 and 2013 with Madonna and Beyoncé.

LAS VEGAS – Taylor Swift has opened up with the shortest odds and is the current favorite to perform during the 2023-24 Super Bowl Halftime Show. This is the second year in a row that Taylor has been linked to halftime show performance odds, after being the SB57 favorite but fans know how this story ends all too well.

Odds for Super Bowl 58 Halftime Performer

  • Taylor Swift +650
  • Drake +800
  • Harry Styles +800
  • Justin Bieber +900
  • Bad Bunny +1000
  • Dua Lipa +1000
  • Miley Cyrus +1000
  • Britney Spears +1200
  • Lizzo +1200
  • Adele +1500
  • Ariana Grande +1600
  • Beyoncé +1600
  • Jay Z +1600
  • Lady Gaga +1600
  • The Weekend +1600

Taylor Swift had a big year in 2022, with her album “Midnights” being the highest-sold album of the year. She also broke the record for most physical albums sold in the first week since 2015 with her 2022 album selling over one million. Even though Taylor is one of the most popular artists in the world and has no bad blood with the NFL, there is no guarantee that she will perform in Vegas.

Past performance trends are against Taylor as well and bettors may find it hard it shake it off with female artists have not headlined the Super Bowl in back to back years since Madonna and Beyoncé in 2012 and 2013.

Betting on Drake to Perform During SB58

There has always been speculation about Drake finding his way onto the Super Bowl stage and he is now tied with the second shortest odds to perform during Super Bowl 58. Drake had odds to make an appearance with Rihanna during her SB57 performance and his absence has pushed people to think he might be waiting to have the stage all to himself.

The Canadian rapper has also recently made headlines through a leaked interview where he talked about retiring shortly.

Living out his Super Bowl dreams to close out his career could be a poetic ending and mutually beneficial decision for both the NFL and Drake, while also helping halftime bettors cash out the +800 odds.

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