Is Aaron Rodgers Ready To Take Top Spot For NFL MVP Odds?

  • Patrick Mahomes is favored to win the NFL MVP with -200 odds.
  • Aaron Rodgers has the second shortest odds to win the NFL MVP with +130 odds.

GREEN BAY, Wis. — With the NFL regular season beginning to wind down, those that are looking to bet on the MVP award can begin scouting the odds board for the best possible odds.

Something else that has been made clear as the season comes to an end is that the MVP race is a two-man race between Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers. Right now, NFL sportsbooks currently have Patrick Mahomes sitting at the top with the favored odds while Aaron Rodgers is not far behind.

MVP Winner

  • Patrick Mahomes (KC) -200
  • Aaron Rodgers +130
  • Josh Allen (QB) +3300
  • Russell Wilson +4000
  • Tom Brady +8000
  • Ben Roethlisberger +10000
  • Derrick Henry +10000
  • Kyler Murray +15000
  • Ryan Tannehill +15000

There is no doubt as to why Mahomes has been seen as the favorite to win the MVP award all season long as he leads the league in passing yards right now with 4,208 yards, is third in touchdowns with 33, and has the second-highest QB rating at 84.7. However, bettors should not count out Aaron Rodgers just yet as he is third in passing yards with 3,685 yards and first in touchdowns with 39, and first in QB ratings as well with 84.9.

Rodgers has certainly made his case for the NFL MVP all season long considering that his odds were once much further.

He has taken the Green Bay Packers to even greater heights as well as they are the shoe in to win their division and have already secured their playoff spot in which they intend to make a strong run at the Super Bowl.

Something else to note here is that after Week 14, Rodgers now sits in front of Mahomes for throwing fewer interceptions as Mahomes threw for three interceptions against the Miami Dolphins. This might not seem like a big deal, but the fact is that Rodgers is sitting ahead of Mahomes in three of the four main categories that are looked at when voting on the MVP.

That being said, Rodgers is ready to take over the top spot for the league MVP and NFL bettors should certainly take note of his odds before online sportsbooks shift them even closer than they are.

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