Super Bowl 55 Specials Teams Prop Bets To Consider

  • A Missed PAT in Super LV comes with +240 odds, while no PAT’s being missed has -380 odds.
  • There has never been a Punt returned for a touchdown in Super Bowl history.
  • An Onside Kick being attempted in Super Bowl 55 is listed at +135 odds.

TAMPA — The NFL regular season has yet to conclude and the playoff picture has not even been completed but that hasn’t stopped Super Bowl betting sites from posting early props on the championship game.

There are a variety of props on Super LV at Bovada to bet on ranging from special teams props to the coin toss and halftime props. This being just an early glimpse into the many different ways to gamble on the biggest game in the NFL.

We’ll focus primarily on the Super Bowl 55 props that have to do with special teams as this is a crucial part of the championship puzzle.

Super Bowl 55 Special Teams Betting Props

Some of the Super Bowl special team betting props feature big returns on touchdowns. Recent rule changes have affected special teams over the years but that shouldn’t keep bettors from taking an early flyer on these props.

Super Bowl LV - Will A Kickoff Be Returned For A Touchdown

  • Yes +800
  • No -2500

In over half a century of the Super Bowl, there have only been eight kickoffs returned for a touchdown with the last one being in Super Bowl XLI by the Chicago Bears returner Devin Hester. If wanting to take the odds on a kickoff return happening in the Super Bowl without knowing the matchup, the +800 odds are very intriguing.

Super Bowl LV - Will A Punt Be Returned For A Touchdown

  • Yes +750
  • No -2000

There has never been a Punt Return returned for a touchdown in Super Bowl history. The +750 odds on this being the first time that a punt return are well worth the risk especially if the Super Bowl favorite Kansas City Chiefs make the big dance as they have explosive returner Mecole Hardman who has the speed to take back any given punt.

Super Bowl LV - Will A Missed PAT Conversion?

  • Yes +240
  • No -380

Another special teams prop to consider is whether a Point After Attempt (PAT) will be missed in the Super Bowl. This season, kickers across the NFL are on pace to set a new low for successful PAT percentage. While not knowing the teams that will be in Super Bowl LV, this kicking trend is worth noting if taking early action on the +240 odds.

Will There Be An Onside Kick Attempt In The Game?

  • Yes +135
  • No -175

When thinking of onside kicks in the history of the Super Bowl, many bettors might remember the New Orleans Saints onside kick in Super Bowl XLIV. For this betting prop, the onside kick doesn’t even have to be successful just attempted. NFL Bettors shouldn’t hesitate to take the +135 odds on this prop as an attempt is just needed to become a winner here. With two of the best teams in the NFL playing against each other the matchup doesn’t even need to be known to bet on this prop as onside kicks typically happen in close games.

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