How The Bills Can Turn A $3 Bet Into $10k

  • One Bills fan placed a $3 parlay credit bet with BetMGM that will win over $10,000 if Buffalo wins Super Bowl 57.
  • Another Bills fan wagered $150 on the Bills winning all 17 regular season games, which would pay out $150,000.

NEW YORK – The Buffalo Bills currently have the best odds to win Super Bowl 57, and this win would make a few online sportsbook operators have to pay out big.

Betting on the Super Bowl has always been an exciting time, but for a certain Kansas native, it would cash out over $10,000 on a promotional bet that he placed with a $3 credit, back in early 2022.

Justin Londagin created a championship parlay that involved the Kansas Jayhawks, Golden State Warriors, Colorado Avalanche, and the Buffalo Bills to win their respective championship games. As most sports fans know, each one of these teams were able to fight their way to the end, resulting in BetMGM checking three of the four parlay boxes thus far.

With the Bills sitting at +650 odds to win the Super Bowl, a dream of a bettor’s favorite team lifting up the Lombardi, results in more than a fans bragging rights. He bet this parlay with +3511321 odds, with over 10 months in between the first and last championship game.

Because the bet was through a $3 credit, Londagin is not able to pursue any type of partial payout with the three legs that did hit, and will have to rely on the Bills to get it done in February of 2023.

Lomdagin is not the only bettor who has faith in Josh Allen. Another die-hard Bills Mafia member placed a future bet on his squad, but this one has a $150,000 payout. By placing $150 on the Bill winning all 17 regular season games.

This bet carries a lot more risk than the Bills winning the Super Bowl SU, because there have only been two perfect seasons recorded in the NFL. Now, there are even more games in the NFL, as it increased to 17 games during the 2021-2022 season.

These two perfect seasons were from the 1972 Miami Dolphins who won the Super Bowl, and the 2007 New England Patriots, who ended up not capping the perfect season with a Super Bowl victory.

If betting on anyone with these high-level stakes, the Bills are a great team to put faith in, with them getting so close to the Super Bowl in the last three seasons.

The NFL regular season starts on September 8 with the Bills taking on the Los Angeles Rams in a game that could either erase a bettors dream of $150 and another bettor’s confidence in a Super Bowl run clinching parlay… or be the start to the Bills pulling off the second ever perfect regular and postseason.

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