Bovada’s Parlay Offers Value On Bills, Rams, Colts, Bears, Seahawks

  • Bovada is offering +160 parlay odds on the Bills, Rams, and Colts to make the playoffs, and the Bears and Seahawks to stay under 8.5 wins.
  • The Seattle Seahawks and Chicago Bears win totals are set at 5.5 and 6.5 wins.
  • The Buffalo Bills, Los Angeles Rams, and Indianapolis Colts are all favored to make the playoffs.

LAS VEGAS – One of the NFL futures parlays that is being offered on Bovada includes the Buffalo Bills, Los Angeles Rams, and Indianapolis Colts to all make the playoffs as well as the Chicago Bears and Seattle Seahawks to both stay under 8.5 wins in the season.

This bet is being offered at +160 odds where a $100 bet would profit $160.

Breaking Down The Bet

Starting with the Bills, Rams, and Colts odds to make the playoffs, each of them already have favored odds to do so. The Bills sit with the shortest odds at -600 to make the playoffs and are followed by the Rams at -250, and the Colts at -165.

Each of the three are also the favorites to win their respective divisions which would also guarantee them a playoff spot.

Backing the Bills and Rams is that they both made the playoffs in four of the last five seasons and are each staring at their heaviest odds to make the playoffs over the last three seasons.

As for the Colts, they are on an interesting trend having made the playoffs every other season since 2017. Being that they missed last year, if the trend were to continue, they would be in this year.

Moving on to the win total for the Chicago Bears and Seattle Seahawks, 8.5 is just too high of a number for them to hit, especially considering that their individual win totals are set much lower.

Chicago has a 6.5 win total while Seattle is at 5.5. As for where things are pointing, over the last nine seasons, the Bears have stayed under their win total six times which includes a 6.5 and 5.5 total.

On the Seattle side, 5.5 is their lowest win total in team history, having lost their franchise player in Russell Wilson. They are also coming off of just a 7-win season last year and have the 10th hardest schedule in the upcoming season.

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