How Cam Newton’s Health Can Affect Panthers Win Total Odds

  • Cam Newton still believes he has a lot to offer on the field.
  • This year's quarterback stats for the Carolina Panthers took a dip without Newton.
  • The over/under could change depending on what the Panthers’ decision is.

CHARLOTTE, NC. – The Carolina Panthers have a decision to make before the 2020 season regarding Cam Newton. Coming off of a season-ending injury, the Panthers need to decide whether they want to go with the youth movement at the quarterback position or stick with the former MVP who once led their team to the Super Bowl.

What’s Left In The Tank

Don’t think that Newton’s return would throw the Panthers odds over the top. By all means, he is not an MVP caliber quarterback anymore but he still has a lot to offer a team.

Before his injury, Newton was coming off a 24-Touchdown season which is the second-most he’s thrown right after his MVP season. He also carries his ability to run with the ball and avoid losing yards which is critical in today's NFL.

If Carolina does indeed decide to move on from Newton, there are teams out there who are either looking for a quarterback or are preparing to look for a quarterback such as the San Diego Chargers and more.

Statistics With And Without Newton

Believe it or not but Cam Newton was a difference-maker for this Panthers team. Starting with their record from this past season. The Panthers finished last in their division with a 5-11 record. This is the worst record the Panthers have seen since Cam Newton started in the league. Also, Newton has only finished last in their division once in 8 years of being in the league.

Backtracking to Newton's ability to run with the ball, it is important for quarterbacks to have that in their arsenal. This is something that Kyle Allen lacks. Allen only had 32 rushing yards this season while Newton had 488 yards.

This led to Allen being sacked a total of 46 times compared to Newton’s 29 before his injury which is the least amount of times in his career.

Over/Under Depending On Newton

Since Cam Newton has the ability to make a difference wherever he plays, it makes sense that the over/under of wins for the Panthers depends on him as well. The over/under right now is at 6 ½ as the team still hasn’t made a decision on him.

If Carolina decides to move in another direction, the under would sound more realistic as they are coming off of a low 5-win season. Keep in mind that this is also before the free agency period and the NFL draft where they have the 7th pick.

If they do decide to keep him, however, Carolina's offense has the weapons to make noise. Lead fully by Christian McCaffery who had a career year both running and receiving, D.J. Moore who finished in the top-10 in receiving yards and Curtis Samuel who proved he can be a solid 2nd option at receiver. If Newton's full strength and versatility was added to this offense, the over would be enticing.

While Newton’s return might not affect the team’s Super Bowl betting odds by much, this would be the ideal bet to take on the Panthers.

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