Which One Of These Four Teams Will Beat The Odds In 2020?

  • Team win odds for the Bills, Browns, Titans, and Rams all sit at about eight wins.
  • The over/under could hit depending on one or two key players on each team to shine.
  • Each team’s odds could change depending on who they select in the Draft.

NEW YORK - There are four teams that are going into next season with total team wins over/under odds that could go either way. They all have something to prove so it’ll be entertaining to see who on which teams decided to step up.

The Buffalo Bills, Cleveland Browns, Los Angeles Rams, and Tennessee Titans all have season win odds at about eight games. There Super Bowl odds are also at about the middle of the pack but depending on their season win total, those odds could shift.

Buffalo Bills

The Bills had an interesting season. They weren’t thought too highly of going into the 2019 campaign as they were projected to go 7-9. They started the season hot going 5-1 and finishing off the season 10-6.

They have a young team that is gaining experience and getting better every year. Second-year quarterback, Josh Allen, was out to prove why he’s in the NFL as he shattered his rookie season numbers by throwing for 1,000 more yards, 10 more touchdowns and 3 fewer interceptions. Unfortunately, they were sent packing in the Wild Card round of the playoffs.

The Bills’ Over/Under is 8.5 for total wins in 2020 and it could be safe to bet the over as their younger talent seems promising.

Cleveland Browns

To say the least, the Browns were the most disappointing team this season. They made a blockbuster move last year to acquire Odell Beckham Jr. and brought in Kareem Hunt who was suspended until week 8 and still couldn’t make something happen. They were projected to go 11-5 and ended up going 6-10.

The blame for the Browns fold has to be on Baker Mayfield. He had a significant drop off as he threw 5 fewer touchdowns, 7 more interceptions and took 15 more sacks. It's confusing because they have big-name players on both sides of the ball who can make big plays.

Their Over/Under for the Browns total wins in 2020 is 8. It's hard to say, but if Baker Mayfield could prove himself as a quarterback, the over would be fine but other than that, the under would be safe.

The Browns will also likely make offseason moves to acquire more talent on the offensive line which may help to hit the over in this particular bet.

Los Angeles Rams

The Rams are another disappointing story but it’s not so much on the players as it is on the coaching staff. They were projected to go 13-3 unsurprisingly having come off a trip to the Super Bowl and ended up a mediocre 9-7. Jared Goff was subpar as he had a minor dip, but Cooper Kupp had a career season with career-high stats in almost every category.

The reason this season’s disappointment falls more on the coaches is because of how they utilized Todd Gurley. Gurley was coming off of a career year. He scored a career-high 17 touchdowns. Although, his rushing attempts were the lowest they’ve ever been in his career in 2019.

Why lower the number of touches your “star” running back gets coming off a career year? Sean McVay and his staff are easy to blame for the mess they caused this season.

Their Over/Under is 8.5 for the Rams season win total odds. Chances are they won't fall to the under, but it could be possible if the coaching staff has another “great” idea up their sleeve. If Gurley does get more touches, it is safe to bet the over.

Tennessee Titans

The Titans were a true underdog story this season. After benching Marcus Mariota and replacing him with Ryan Tannehill, the Titans season was saved. They were projected to go 11-5 but a slow 2-4 start to the season threw that projection away real quick.

Although they came short of their projection, Tennessee was nothing to be messed with as they had a great season once Tannehill took over at QB as he finished the season 7-3.

Derrick Henry, on the other hand, had a superstar outing leading the league in rush attempts, rush yards and touchdowns with 16. The Titans were not done yet, come playoff time, they proved that they could run with the wolves as they knocked off both the Ravens and the Patriots.

Their Over/Under for the Tennessee Titans season win total is set at 8.5. It's still unsure whether or not the emergence of Tannehill was a fluke, but if not and Tennessee continues playing at a high level, the over would be a smart move.

Tennessee’s decision at the QB position will likely affect this line. Will they keep Tannehill? Or will they be able to land Brady? Bettors who are thinking a certain direction should place their wagers now rather than later.

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