4 Teams Looking To Stay Hot As 2020 NFL Win Odds Released

  • Total season win odds have been released for all NFL teams.
  • There were four teams that outplayed their projections going into last season.
  • The Ravens, 49ers, Cheifs, and Patriots are all looking to beat oddsmakers again in 2020.

NEW YORK - With the NFL season having come to a close, four teams have already been viewed as threats to the rest of the league. All four teams have also outdone themselves in terms of beating their projected records from last year.

It’ll be interesting to see how these teams match up against this year's NFL team season win odds as the bar will be set even higher, knowing that they are all playing at an elite level.

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens were definitely on some people's radars last year but no one knew what to expect of them as they were going to have to rely on second-year quarterback Lamar Jackson to lead them. They went into last season projected to go 9-7.

Little did everyone know that Lamar Jackson was going to be the unanimous MVP. The scary thing is that Jackson still has not even reached his full potential. They started off slow in the first 4 weeks of the season going 2-2 but went on to win the remaining 12 games on their schedule.

The Ravens have an over/under of 11 wins for the upcoming season. Being that they outdid themselves last year and they are going to keep improving, the over could be more favorable.

San Francisco 49ers

Th 49ers went into last season with everyone expecting nothing but the worst as they were projected to go 4-12 in 2019. Fresh off of a top 2 draft pick coming into this year, their expectations were not too high.

San Francisco went on to prove everyone wrong and became a huge underdog story as they started off the season going 8-0 and finished with a 13-3 record. Raheem Mostert and Jimmy Garoppolo went on to have breakout seasons as well. Not to mention that their defense was a top defense in the league with their number 2 overall pick, Nick Bosa, playing a large role in that.

Their over/under is 10.5. As we all witnessed, they demolished their projections from last year, they’re coming into this season with a vengeance as they fell short in the Super Bowl so they could be looking to put anyone in their way out of their misery.

Or, they could come into this upcoming season with a Super Bowl hangover, similar to the Los Angeles Rams the season prior. This makes betting the odds for the San Fransisco 49ers season win total all the more difficult to decide.

Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City went into last season looking to stay hot from the previous year as Patrick Mahomes had a breakout year. They were projected 14-2 this year but fell two games short as Mahomes dealt with a minor injury mid-season.

Their over/under is 11.5. Having one of the most explosive offenses in the league should help bettors stay at ease betting the over as Travis Kelce, Tyreke Hill and Damien Williams have no intentions of slowing down. Also coming off a Super Bowl victory should keep their momentum going.

Many of the key playmakers on offense as well as on defense have not shown any intention of leaving the team either, but the offseason may prove otherwise and cause their odds to shift one way or the other.

New England Patriots

Being tied for the most Super Bowl wins in the Super Bowl era comes with high standards. The Patriots have consistently kept those standards year after year. Going into last year they were projected to have a 12-4 record and they did just that going 12-4 in 2019.

Their defense also proved to be a force as Stephon Gilmore won the Defensive Player of the Year Award. Something else to look at is that Tom Brady is still playing at an elite level for his age.

They have an over/under of 10 ½. This could, however, change if Brady decides he is going to move elsewhere during the free agency period. If Brady stays, however, betting the over would be wise as the Patriots have won over 10 games for the last 10 seasons.

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