Hot Start and QB Play Shortening Philadelphia Eagles Odds

  • Following a dominant start that is backed up by key statistics, Super Bowl 57 sportsbooks have shortened the Philadelphia Eagles’ odds to win the Super Bowl from +2200 before the season to +800 now.
  • With +850 odds to win their first Super Bowl since 2017, the Philadelphia Eagles now are the betting favorite in the NFC to win the Super Bowl.
  • On top of shorter Super Bowl odds, bets on the Eagles to win the NFC Championship and Jalen Hurts to win MVP all now come with shorter odds than before.
  • Betting on Jalen Hurts to win the MVP at +650 may be the best bet for the Philadelphia Eagles as the team’s likely dominance and upcoming head-to-head matchups may benefit the star quarterback.

PHILADELPHIA – Following a dominant start to the season, the Philadelphia Eagles now have the third shortest odds to win Super Bowl 57 at +800.

Super Bowl 57 Odds

  • Buffalo Bills +400
  • Kansas City Chiefs +750
  • Philadelphia Eagles +800
  • Green Bay Packers +900
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1000
  • Los Angeles Rams +1500

Those +800 odds are far cry from where the Eagles sat before the season at Bovada, with their odds having shortened so much that a payout on the team to win the Super Bowl is now nearly one-third of what it was before Week One:

  • Week One: +2200
  • Week Two: +1600
  • Week Three: +1600
  • Week Four: +850

With back-to-back dominant victories for the Eagles, that odds shortening is likely not a surprise.

Hot Start to the Season for Philadelphia

Super Bowl sportsbooks have noted that Philadelphia’s hot start to the season is not an aberration, as two key statistics point to their early season dominance:

  • The 3-0 Eagles are one of two unbeaten teams entering Week Four of the NFL, the other being the Miami Dolphins.
  • Philadelphia has the third-best point differential in the NFL at +36, behind only the Buffalo Bills (+53) and Jacksonville Jaguars (+46).

With the underlying statistics backing up the natural eye test dominance that the Nick Sirianni-led squad has displayed, some have ranked the Philadelphia Eagles as the best team in the NFL based on power rankings.

Other Eagles Betting odds Changes

The Eagles Super Bowl odds are not their only odds that have shortened, as Philadelphia’s NFC Championship odds and Jalen Hurts’ MVP odds have each seen their odds shorten dramatically through three weeks of the season.

Bet Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Eagles NFC Championship +1000 +600 +550 +330
Jalen Hurts MVP +2000 +1500 +1000 +650

The NFC Championship odds shift is relatively predictable as those odds would follow the Eagles’ Super Bowl odds as they shrink, although it is interesting to note that Philadelphia is now the betting favorite to win the NFC Championship for the first time all season following the Tampa Bay Buccaneers loss to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.

What comes as the largest surprise, and possibly the most valuable bet for Philadelphia’s supporters, is Jalen Hurts’ MVP odds.

Having shortened from +2000 before Week One, Hurts is now behind only Josh Allen (+300) and Lamar Jackson (+500) on odds boards with +650 odds.

Allen and Jackson face each other in Week Four, which may help Hurts as it could result in one effectively knocking the other out of the race with a loss.

On top of that, Hurts and the Eagles only have five games left against teams that made the playoffs in 2021, with four of those games at home.

That weak remaining schedule will give Jalen Hurts a real shot at putting up incredible statistics and being the starting quarterback for a team that may be the number one see in the NFC in the playoffs, making Hurts arguably the best MVP bet on the board.

With bets on Hurts paying out less and less by the week, it may be worth it to get in sooner rather than later to secure a large payout.

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