Finding Value Betting On The AFC Divisional Round

  • The Tennessee Titans have -185 odds to beat the Cincinnati Bengals.
  • The Titans have +165 odds to lose in the conference championship round.
  • The Kansas City Chiefs are -130 favorites to beat the Buffalo Bills.
  • Each of the Chiefs elimination odds would profit over $300.

LAS VEGAS – The AFC Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs is set to begin and both the Tennessee Titans and Kansas City Chiefs are favored to win their matchups and move on to the AFC Championship. However, aside from betting on the normal game lines for them to win, each of their odds on the stage of elimination offer a much larger payout.

Tennessee Titans Vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Tennessee Titans Vs. Cincinnati Bengals Odds

  • Tennessee Titans -185
  • Cincinnati Bengals +160

Tennessee Titans Stage Of Elimination Odds

  • Lose In Divisional Round +155
  • Lose In Championship Round +165
  • Lose In Superbowl +450
  • Win Superbowl +900

This matchup between the Tennessee Titans and Cincinnati Bengals is one of the closer matchups of the Divisional Round with just a 3.5-point spread in favor of the Titans.

While the Bengals have been impressive, they do not have as much playoff experience that the Titans have. Also, many have forgotten that Derrick Henry has a good chance at returning to the starting lineup in the divisional round. That said, there should be no surprises as to why the Titans are favored on NFL sportsbooks.

For those that have faith in the Titans winning, instead of taking their odds on the moneyline, their stage of elimination odds to lose in the Championship Round offer much more value. If the Titans were to win this game, they would take on the winner of the Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills matchup, each of which have much shorter odds to win the Super Bowl than they do. That would likely mean the Titans go into the Championship Round with underdog odds.

All in all, a $100 bet on the Titans to win over the Bengals would profit just $54 while a bet on them to lose in the AFC Championship would make $165.

Kansas City Chiefs Vs. Buffalo Bills

Kansas City Chiefs Vs. Buffalo Bills Odds

  • Kansas City Chiefs -130
  • Buffalo Bills +110

Kansas City Chiefs Stage of Elimination Odds

  • Win Superbowl +400
  • Lose In Superbowl +450

Buffalo Bills Stage Of Elimination Odds

  • Win Superbowl +525
  • Lose In Superbowl +700

Some might argue that the winner of the matchup between the Chiefs and Bills could go on to win the Super Bowl. The Chiefs odds to win the Super Bowl are the second shortest while the Bills odds are right behind them.

Being that the winner of this matchup will take on and likely be heavily favored to beat either the Titans or Bengals, value can be made either betting on one of these teams to either lose in the Super Bowl or win the Super Bowl.

A $100 bet on the Chiefs to win the game would profit just $77 while a bet on the Bills to win the game would bring in $110. Betting on either one of them to win or lose the Super Bowl would profit much more than the game lines.

If the Chiefs were to win the Super Bowl, they would profit $400 and if they lose, $450 could be made. On the Bills, if they were to lose in the Super Bowl, $700 profit could be made while $525 could be made if they win.

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