Falcons Receive Positive COVID Test, Game Vs Vikings Still On

  • There has been a positive COVID-19 test among the Atlanta Falcons.
  • Per Adam Schefter, the test was for a staff member, not a player.
  • The Falcons are still scheduled to face the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday.

LAS VEGAS - The Atlanta Falcons are in trouble. Not just on the odds boards, or in the NFL, but in terms of COVID-19.

The Falcons announced that they would be closing their facilities today after a positive COVID-19 test among employees.

The Falcons refer to this as “an abundance of caution”, but it seems to be a) the proper amount of caution and b) the correct thing to do.

However, all is not lost for the Falcons (in terms of COVID - their season is probably up in smoke anyway).

Per Adam Schefter, the positive test was among a member of the staff, and no players have tested positive for COVID-19 yet.

The NFL has been notably inconsistent with its COVID-19 procedures from the perspective of an outside observer.

The Tennessee Titans had their game against the Buffalo Bills moved to Tuesday, while the New England Patriots had their game delayed a full week.

This inconsistency continues when it comes to this matchup, as Adam Schefter has noted that there are currently no plans to delay the game the Falcons are scheduled to play on Sunday, against the Vikings.

Of course, this information is subject to change, especially if there are any more positive tests among the members of the Falcons.

For now, it seems as though the Falcons/Vikings game will go on as scheduled, although several sportsbooks have removed it from their NFL betting odds sections already.

Fantasy football players with members of the Falcons and the Vikings should be on high alert as well, as there is a serious chance that the game gets rescheduled.

This is certainly a situation to keep an eye on as it develops.

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