Don’t Sleep On These 5 Team’s NFL Division Winning Odds

  • With quarterback concerns, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are poised for a surprising season led by their defense.
  • News from Tom Brady and the New England Patriots could affect not only the AFC East but the AFC South as well.
  • The Cleveland Browns will not have as much hype this offseason, giving them a chance to fly under the radar.

INDIANAPOLIS – With online sportsbooks releasing odds to win each NFL division, there are certainly some outliers that bettors should take a chance on.

Some of the divisions are rather set in place - such as the Kansas City Chiefs (-400 to win AFC West) – but others are presenting NFL bettors with positive odds across all four teams.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +700

Rumors surrounding the return of Jameis Winston may keep this team from being a focus of the media; however, the team ended things rather well last season, finishing with seven wins.

Despite Winston throwing for 30 interceptions, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers had one of the best defenses last year.

Whether Winston remains on the roster or not, there is much doubt that the unknown quarterback will have such a turnover-prone season this time around.

Aside from that fact, the Atlanta Falcons (+600) and Carolina Panthers (+1800) look stuck in a rut while the New Orleans Saints (-400) are coming across their last seasons with Drew Brees as the helm.

Seattle Seahawks +325

Take away one loss from the NFC Champion San Francisco 49ers last season and the Seahawks were the division winners. Expected to barely make the playoffs last year, Russell Wilson put on an MVP-type performance as he willed the Hawks to victory on multiple occasions.

Obviously, the 49ers (-125) are the favorite, but just barely. With the Arizona Cardinals (+900) well behind the top three teams in the NFC West, it is truly anyone’s guessing game for the division crown.

The Los Angeles Rams (+375) could play spoiler but unless Todd Gurley and his injury issues are handled, it looks as though they will finish near the middle of the NFC again.

Indianapolis Colts +250

Sure, this team did just lose Andrew Luck a more than six months ago but Jacoby Brissett filled in nicely for this club. Also, rumors of Tom Brady coming to Indy have been floated around.

Either way, the Indianapolis Colts team is built to win through a strong running game and hard-nosed defense led by Darius Leonard.

They may share the AFC South with the Houston Texans (+150) and Tennessee Titans (+200) but after Bill O’Brien’s collapse against the Chiefs and the Titans magical run through the playoffs last season, it would be hard to expect their luck to continue.

Also, the Jacksonville Jaguars (+900) are in the division and after trading their best corner in A.J. Bouye for a fourth-rounder, NFL bettors shouldn’t expect much from them.

Cleveland Browns +475

Without a Cleveland Browns ultra-hyped offseason stating that the team will win the Super Bowl, Cleveland could fly under the radar. There is no denying the talent that is positioned on this team – on both sides of the ball.

They will have to get past the Lamar Jackson-led Baltimore Ravens (-250) but many believe that the Ravens’ offense can be adjusted to in due time. Also, the Pittsburgh Steelers (+400) will get their Super Bowl-winning quarterback to return to the field; however, the Browns can cause matchup issues for Steelers’ improving defense.

Unless Joe Burrow comes into the Cincinnati Bengals (+2500) organization and dominates potentially the toughest division in the league, the Browns have all the power on their side.

Buffalo Bills +325

Is the time finally here where the New England Patriots (-250) don’t win the division? The Pats have cruised through the AFC East for years but the end of the dynasty is rumored to be near.

The New York Jets (+700) could be a team that comes out of nowhere, but under the leadership of Adam Gase, it is hard to put faith in their squad. The Miami Dolphins (+2000) did finish off the season strong but seem to be too far in the land of mediocracy to win the AFC East.

Under this talented Bills’ defense and run-heavy offense, don’t be surprised to see Bills Mafia come out on top.

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