Can The Packers Veldheer Come Up Big Again Against The 49ers?

  • The Packers and the 49ers will face off again for a chance to go to Super Bowl 54.
  • Jared Veldheer and Aaron Rodgers are confident after their win against the Seahawks.
  • Aaron Rodgers is at somewhat of a down point in his career at the age of 36.

Green Bay, Wis. – After hearing that Bryan Bulaga would be out of the playoff game because of an illness, many thought the Green Bay Packers did not stand a chance at winning the game against the Seattle Seahawks.

Although, there seems to always be a ram in the bush. Jared Veldheer who announced his retirement from the league last year was the Packers ram in the bush.

Veldheer was picked up by the Green Bay Packers just a week after deciding to come out of retirement. He was only to be used as an 'in case of emergency' player. Well, that emergency came when Bryan Bulaga became ill and could not perform. The Packers then called in an emergency appearance of Veldheer to suit up and play in the Packers and Seahawks playoff game.

Not only did he play, but he was on the field for every play in the Packers 28-23 win over the Seattle Seahawks. His stout play throughout the game was not expected but was a major part of the Packers' offensive success. Because of this game, the confidence of the Packers has increased.

With Aaron Rodgers nearing the end of his football career, this also puts him in a good headspace of winning another Super Bowl before he retires. Rodgers gave it his all in this game with two touchdowns and a total of 243 passing yards, while Russell Wilson did not have any touchdowns and 277 passing yards.

The Packers Next Test Looks Familiar

The Packers' next game in the playoffs will be against the San Francisco 49ers in which they lost to earlier in the season.

The Packers will take a long thorough look back at the film of their loss against the 49ers. It was their worst loss of the season with a final score of 37-8.

"I've got to go back and watch that tape again to really try to grasp what happened and why it happened and how can we adjust and what are we going to do to ensure it doesn't happen [again]," said Packers head coach Matt LaFleur on Monday of the Week 12 game. "That'll happen over the next couple days.”

The odds for the NFC Championship have the Green Bay Packers at +270 to beat the 49ers, while the odds of the 49ers winning are set at -340. It seems that the 49ers are the fan favorites so far. That makes sense seeing as how the 49ers have one of, if not, the best defensive line in all of the NFL.

However, the Packers have proven they have depth on the offensive line and if Aaron Rodgers can get a little bit of time, he is still capable of putting up big numbers. Whether or not it will be enough is one of the more interesting storylines leading up to the NFC Championship.

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