Chiefs Come Back As Super Bowl LVI Favorites

  • The Kansas City Chiefs now have the shortest odds to win the Super Bowl at +500.
  • They are tied with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as co-favorites.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – After opening the season as the Super Bowl favorites, the Kansas City Chiefs were once thought to be longshots. Now, they’re back on top.

Super Bowl 56 Odds

  • Kansas City Chiefs +500
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers +500
  • Green Bay Packers +625
  • New England Patriots +650

Kansas City Chiefs Road To Favorites

For a good portion of the offseason and the first week of the 2021 season, the Chiefs were considered to be Super Bowl favorites, at least according to NFL betting sites. However, the Chiefs went on to lose three of four games to start the season 2-3 and their odds became much longer to win Super Bowl 56.

Now, Kansas City has won seven straight games and find themselves tied alongside the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the shortest odds to win the Super Bowl this season. Despite their odds being as short as they’ve been, this may be the best they’ll get for the rest of the season.

The Chiefs hold a two-game lead in the division and are currently the No. 1 seed in the AFC prior to the Week 15 Sunday games. The team is looking like a lock to make the playoffs and are well within reach of securing the all-important first-round bye.

Will KC Win Another Ring?

The Chiefs are more or less driven by their offense that ranks third in the league in yards and seventh in the league in points per game. The winner of the Super Bowl has had a top-five scoring offense in each of the last five years, so Kansas City being just outside of that puts them in contention for sure.

Those betting on the NFL are likely aware of how good the Chiefs’ defense has been playing recently, but the odds of them continuing that level of play throughout the postseason seem very slim. They were allowing 32.6 points per game through the first five weeks of the season and it’s likely only a matter of time before the defense regresses to a similar spot.

One thing that Kansas City has going for them is that the AFC is notably weaker than the NFC this season, at least in terms of depth. Their ride to the championship should be much easier than most other teams, especially if they’re able to grab the No. 1 seed in the conference.

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