Bucs Favored To Punt Before Score? These Trends Say Otherwise

  • The Buccaneers have -135 odds to punt the ball before scoring.
  • The Buccaneers have scored before punting in four of five games.

TAMPA, Fla. — With Super Bowl 55 just around the corner, those that are planning on taking advantage of some of the many Super Bowl prop bets that there are can begin with one of the more interesting ones. That is if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will score or punt first in the game.

NFL sportsbooks are currently favoring the Buccaneers to punt the football before putting points up on the board.

What Will Tampa Bay Buccaneers Do First – Score Or Punt?

  • Punt -135
  • Score -105

Looking at the Buccaneers odds, they are favored to punt the ball first and it is surprising. Bettors should see this as an opportunity to take the less favored odds as the Buccaneers offense is one of the most lethal offenses in the league.

As for how the Buccaneers have scored in the first quarter of games this season, they are ranked in the top 15 as they put up 5.5 points per first quarter. Something else that bettors should keep in mind here as they bet on the Buccaneers to score first is that in their last five games they have scored before punting in four of those five games.

Taking a look at the Chiefs defense and how they hold up, they rank in the top 15 on defense when it comes to points allowed in the first quarter as they allow 4.6 points per first quarter this season and in their last game against the Bills, they allowed nine points.

Also, in the Chiefs' past five games, they have allowed their opponents to score before punting in four of their last five games as well.

With that being said, bettors should not miss out on these odds and take the easy payout while it lasts.

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