Bienvenido A Miami – Things To Do During Your Super Bowl 54 Visit

  • The city of Miami has a lot of places to see and things to eat when visiting for the Super Bowl.
  • Casa Tua Cucina is an Italian restaurant in Miami Beach loved by Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez if you want to see what the singer performing in the Halftime Show likes.
  • Komodo is another restaurant for celebrity sightings in the Brickell area, serving Asian cuisine.

MIAMI – While the Super Bowl is the number one reason for your trip to Miami this February, there are lots of places to go during your visit there. The Hard Rock Stadium where the Championship Game is being played is not in an area of town known for partying.

Miami Gardens can be somewhat of a high-crime area and with the influx of tourists, it could be even worse.

Where To Go In Miami During Super Bowl Weekend?

Anyone who is anyone knows about the Fontainebleau Hotel  in the 305. It’s set in Miami Beach and is frequented by a number of celebrities as they are home to the famous LIV nightclub. It’s pretty fitting that the Super Bowl is LIV like the club itself. The Fontainebleau has it all; spas, restaurants, and the beach, what more could you ask for?

Another great place to visit for nightlife is in the Wynwood area, which is basically an art district of the city. The RC Cola Plant holds a number of events for visitors to take part in. It was originally, you guessed it, an RC Cola manufacturing factory.

Now it’s all artsy and a definite place to party. This is the place where Paris Hilton was partying when she lost and then found her $2 million engagement ring that time she was engaged.

The Super Bowl definitely has a theme this year and that theme is embracing the Latin culture that the city of Miami is known for. With that being said, there is no better place to visit for food than the famous Versailles Restaurant on well-known 8th street in “Little Havana”. The area definitely lives up to its name, so knowing some Spanish would be helpful as all the signs of places surrounding the restaurant are in Spanish.

Versailles has the best Cuban food in Miami and the very best Cuban coffee. Stop by and have a meal and then buy some pastries and coffee for the road. There is no more authentic place than this. Closer to the stadium, you will find Vicky Bakery. Vicky is on 67th Avenue in Hialeah. There, you will eat some of the greatest Cuban pastries. Their pizza pastelito is amazing. It’s like an Italian and a Cuban pastry had a baby!

There is no shortage of food, as the list could go on forever. El Palacio de Los Jugos in South Miami is home to the freshest juices out there. The watermelon juice is terrific. They also have a variety of Hispanic cuisine with an outdoor atmosphere.

Driving or walking down Lincoln Road will allow you to take in all the sights. And South Beach is lined with multiple clubs and lights if you feel like taking a stroll. You can also walk the beach itself but it is always crowded. Bayside is a place with many shops and eateries for tourists and residents alike if shopping is what you’d like to do. Keep in mind that parking is always an issue so anywhere you can walk or Uber would be ideal.

Miami is a great place to visit. Immerse yourself in the culture while there, as the Super Bowl halftime show won’t be the only fiesta.

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