Super Bowl Scoring Props, Sleepers & Dark Horses

  • The Kansas City Defense will need to find ways to step up this Sunday if they want to stay in a competitive range.
  • The 49ers defense will more than likely focus on stopping Travis Kelce, Tyreke Hill and Patrick Mahomes.
  • Mecole Hardman, Deebo Samuel, Darwin Thompson, and Kendrick Bourne are amongst other notable sleepers this Sunday.

MIAMI - The amount of offensive star power on each team could lead to a dozen players possibly making the first score of the evening. The Kansas City Chiefs are known for having an explosive offense so a big play would not be surprising.

Although, the San Francisco 49ers are known as more of a defensive presence and their defense could build up momentum for them on the offensive end.

Kansas City Defense

If Kansas City wants to win this Sunday, their defense must be firing on all cylinders.

The three main players that need to be contained are George Kittle, Raheem Mostert and Tevin Coleman. Kittle’s odds to score in the first half are at +290 while Mostert is sitting at +155 in the first half.

The three major factors that would need to happen for the Chiefs to stay in the game starts with Bashaud Breeland. Breeland would have to keep the intensity that he has all season and then some.

Tyrann Mathieu would need to continue to lead this defense. Mathieu has had a solid year with 12 pass deflections and 4 interceptions for 70 return yards.

Lastly, the Kansas City defensive line needs to find a way to continue bringing the pressure to the quarterback. They have gotten to the opposing quarterback 45 times this season.

Sammy Watkins & Demarcus Robinson

There’s no question as to where the spotlight will be shined for the

Chiefs, but it is going to take more than just Mahomes, Kelce and Hill to go up against the 49ers defense.

With these three being berated by the defense and the 49ers run defense likely leaving no room for Damien Williams to make plays, it could be a safe bet to look for both Sammy Watkins or Demarcus Robinson to score with the main focus being on Kelce and Hill.

Sammy Watkins's odds to score are sitting at +175 while Robinson is sitting at +400.

Other Notable Players That Can Score

Players that should be on the radar to score include Deebo Samuel, Darwin Thompson and Kendrick Bourne. Samuel would be the safest bet as his odds are listed at +300 in the first half. He is also leading the 49ers in receiving yards during the postseason.

Being that the 49ers run defense is nothing to be messed with it would be a risk for Darwin Thompson to score unless Damien Williams is completely shut down.

Mecole Hardman could run another risk being that there are one too many receivers on this Kansas City offense but he is someone to look at if Tyreke Hill, Travis Kelce and Sammy Watkins are contained.

Kendrick Bourne, on the other hand, could be a safe bet although his odds are listed at +1200 and he is second in receiving yards for the 49ers during the postseason.

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