Betting Odds For NFL Coach Of The Year: Consider Brian Flores

  • The Miami Dolphins have a 5-3 record on the season.
  • Brian Flores has the second shortest odds to win NFL Coach of the Year at +250 odds.

MIAMI — With 9 weeks of the NFL regular season in the books, the one team that has been the most surprising this season is the Miami Dolphins.

With that said, questions have risen on if Coach Brian Flores can win the coach of the year. NFL betting sites currently have Flores with the second shortest odds to win and rightfully so.

AP NFL Coach Of The Year 2020 Odds

  • Mike Tomlin +150
  • Brian Flores +250
  • Sean McDermott +700
  • Mike Vrabel +1000
  • Andy Reid +1200

After starting at a horrific 1-3 record, the Miami Dolphins have done a complete 180 turn as they are currently in the middle of a four-game win streak. Brian Flores is the one who should be deserving a lot of the credit here as he has helped turn this team around after going 5-11 in the 2019 season.

He did a great job while Ryan Fitzpatrick was starting at quarterback earlier in the season and is doing an even better job now after promoting Tua Tagovailoa to QB1.

However, the talent does not lie just in the quarterback room for the Miami Dolphins as he has done a great job in the player development department as well.

Starting with their tight end, Mike Gesicki, he has been absolutely great this season as he is on track for his best season yet. In 2019 he went for 570 yards and five touchdowns while averaging 11.2 yards per carry to having 331 yards and two touchdowns on 15 yards per carry.

It does not end with Gesicki as Preston Williams is in the same situation having gone from 428 yards and three touchdowns on 13.4 receptions to 288 yards, four touchdowns, and 16 yards per carry through just eight weeks.

Aside from Flores’ skills in the player development department, he has completely turned this Miami Dolphins defense around from one year to the next.

In 2019, the Miami Dolphins allowed the 10th most third-down conversions (81) and also allowed for the most points in the entire league with 497. Now, in 2020, the Dolphins have allowed the second least amount of third-down conversions with 33 and also have allowed the fourth least amount of points in the league as well with 161 through eight games.

It is safe to say that Brian Flores is becoming the coach that the Miami Dolphins have been looking for and his odds would certainly offer a nice payout as he has proved that he can be a real threat for Coach of the Year.

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