Best Super Bowl 57 Betting Teams after Week 1

  • The Bills, Chiefs, and Bucs were the most dominant teams during the first week of the NFL and all three teams had their Super Bowl 67 odds shorten.
  • After the first week of the regular season, the Cowboys, 49ers, and Titans all lost their first game and had their Super Bowl 47 odds grow longer.

NEW YORK – After the first week of the 2022 NFL season, Super Bowl sportsbooks have adjusted their future odds following many underdogs getting a week one win, with the Bills staying the favorite.

Buffalo, Tampa, and Kansas City dominated in week one and are the top three favorites for Super Bowl 57, and all have odds under +1000.

Super Bowl 57 Odds Top Teams

  • Buffalo +500 (opened at +550)
  • Tampa Bay +700 (opened at +750)
  • Kansas City +800 (opened at +1000)
  • Green Bay Packers +1200 (opened at +1000)
  • Los Angeles Chargers +1200 (opened at +1400)

Shifting Odds by Preseason Teams

Other than Tampa, the top NFC teams fell in week 1 of the NFL regular season. The Packers, Rams, 49ers, and Cowboys were all handed a loss and all saw their odds lengthen to win the Super Bowl. The AFC also has some struggles, with the Bengals falling in overtime to the Steelers and the Titans being shocked by the Giants.

Close to the Top Teams Super Bowl Odds

  • Los Angles Rams +1500
  • Philadelphia Eagles +1600
  • Baltimore Ravens +1800
  • Denver Broncos +1800
  • San Francisco +2000
  • Dallas +2400
  • Cincinnati +2500
  • Indianapolis +2500
  • Minnesota +2500

Many favorites fell in week one, with NFL underdog bettors cashing out big to start the season. Between the Colts tying with the Texans and Cowboys only scoring three points against the Bucs, the Super Bowl odds entering week 2 have shifted drastically.

The Eagles saw the biggest line movement from Super Bowl contending teams, opening the regular season at +2200. Jalen Hurts showed sportsbooks that he is fully capable of leading a team to success, with 243 passing yards, 90 rushing yards, and a one rushing TD.

The Cowboys opened up the season with +1800 odds but the 16-point loss to the Bucs and the loss of Dak Prescott for 6-8 weeks made their odds grow longer. The Eagles are now the outright favorite to win the NFC East at -170 and Dallas has dropped to +550.

Middle of the Pack Super Bowl Odds

  • Miami +3000
  • New Orleans +3500
  • Arizona +4000
  • Cleveland +4000
  • Las Vegas +4000
  • Tennessee +4000
  • Washington +6000
  • New England Patriots +7000
  • Pittsburgh Steelers +7000

While Miami and New Orleans pulled off divisional wins in week 1, both of their odds shortened but sportsbooks are still not sold on their success all season long.

The Dolphins and the Saints both opened the season with +4000 odds. The Tua and Tyreek combo took out the Patriots and Jameis Winston returned with an almost perfect fourth quarter that featured two TD passes to Michael Thomas for the Saints opener.

After the win in Atlanta, the Saints offense leads the 2022 CPOY odds.

  • Jameis Winston +500
  • Michael Thomas +750

Still at the Bottom Super Bowl Odds

  • Chicago Bears +10000
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +12500
  • New York Giants +12500
  • Carolina Panthers +15000
  • Detroit Lions +15000
  • Seattle Seahawks +15000
  • Atlanta Falcons +20000
  • Houston Texans +20000
  • New York Jets +20000

While these teams are still at the bottom of Super Bowl sportsbooks after week 1, a few of these teams also saw massive line movement. The Bears opened up the season with the fourth longest odds at +15000 but Justin Fields demonstrated enough fight to ruin Trey Lance’s start to the season and the Bear’s odds shortened by +5000.

The Giants also pulled off a week one win after completing a two-point conversion with under a minute left in regulation. The Giants had the second most line movement after the first week, opening the 2022 regular season at +15000. Saquon Barkley’s 164 rushing yards in week 1 pushed him to the top of the CPOY and the star running back currently has +500 odds.

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