Atlanta Falcons Favored To Take A Quarterback With Their First Pick

  • The quarterback position has +125 odds to be drafted by the Atlanta Falcons.
  • A tight end has +150 odds to be drafted by the Falcons.
  • An offensive lineman has +1000 odds to be drafted by the Falcons.

ATLANTA — With the NFL Draft nearing, there are loads of NFL Draft prop bets that bettors can look to take advantage of. More specifically, bettors can bet on what position teams will draft with their first pick.

Right now, NFL sportsbooks have odds on which position the Atlanta Falcons will draft with their first pick which comes fourth overall.

Exact Playing Position of Team's First Drafted Player – Atlanta Falcons

  • Quarterback +125
  • Tight End +150
  • Offensive Lineman +1000
  • Wide Receiver +1000
  • Cornerback +1200
  • Defensive Lineman +1400
  • Linebacker +2000
  • Running Back +2500
  • Safety +6600
  • Kicker/ Punter/ Long Snapper +50000

Why The Falcons Will Draft A Quarterback

As of right now, the odds on the Atlanta Falcons drafting a quarterback are sitting at the top of the odds board and surprisingly so. This could mean that the Falcons are looking to move on from their longtime quarterback, Matt Ryan, and bring in a fresh face under center.

If they were to do that, they would not be left empty-handed with the fourth pick as this is a very quarterback-heavy draft class with potentially five quarterbacks being taken in the first round.

They would pretty much have their choice between potentially Mac Jones, Justin Fields, or Trey Lance depending on what happens with the first three picks.

All in all, it really is up to the Falcons to decide their fate and make a decision on Matt Ryan’s future with the team.

Why The Falcons Will Draft A Tight End

There is just one name to remember here and that is Kyle Pitts. Pitts would step into the starting tight end role immediately with no question about it.

The main reason that bettors should really keep an eye on the Falcons odds to draft a tight end is also that they do not have to worry about the first three picks taking Pitts being that they are all in need of a quarterback.

Also, Pitts is favored to be the first non-quarterback position taken off the board in the draft as well which backs up the Falcons leaning towards a tight end even more.

As for how a tight end would play out for the Falcons, it would be a step in the right direction being that in the Falcons last two seasons, their starting tight end was ranked 11 and 6 on the year in terms of consistency.

With that said, bettors can safely lay action on the Falcons taking a tight end with the fourth pick for a nice payout.

Why The Falcons Will Draft An O-Lineman

The Falcons NFL Draft odds do not have them favored to take an offensive lineman which makes it the right time to jump on their odds.

It isn’t like the Falcons cannot use an offensive lineman in the draft as their 2020 offensive line was ranked way down at 21 in the league after allowing Matt Ryan to be sacked 41 times.

Penei Sewell is the highest-rated lineman in the draft right now and is considered to be a generational talent. That alone should sway the Falcons his way on draft night as he would fill a great hole on their offensive line.

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