2021 NFL Draft Betting: Best Bets For Picks Two Through Five

  • Zach Wilson has -150 odds to be the second pick in the NFL Draft to the NY Jets.
  • DeVonta Smith has +110 odds to be the third pick in the NFL Draft to the Miami Dolphins.
  • Zach Wilson also has +125 odds to be the fourth pick in the draft to the Atlanta Falcons.
  • Penei Sewell has -340 odds to be the fifth pick to the Cincinnati Bengals.

LAS VEGAS - The NFL Draft is coming up, and most of the attention is focused on the top five spots in the draft.

At this point, it seems like a fait accompli that Trevor Lawrence is drafted first overall by the Jacksonville Jaguars. Jacksonville HC Urban Meyer was literally standing on the field at his Pro Day and Lawrence has odds of -6000 to be selected first overall in the draft.

However, behind him are many capable players, and plenty of options for rounding out the top five. Online sportsbooks have already begun accepting bets for the talent that proceeds Lawrence, and some of the odds may be shocking.

NFL Draft 2nd Pick Betting Odds

With Trevor Lawrence presumably off the table, the New York Jets will have the second pick in the 2021 NFL Draft after going 2-14 in 2020.

2021 Second Overall Pick Odds

  • Zach Wilson -150
  • Justin Fields +110
  • Penei Sewell +550
  • Ja'Marr Chase +1200

The New York Jets seem to have the choice between two quarterbacks, Zach Wilson of the BYU Cougars and Justin Fields of the Ohio State Buckeyes.

Fields presents an interesting case. He was not incredible through much of the season, but performed admirably in the CFP semifinal matchup against Clemson, and raised his draft stock immensely in doing so.

Fields was a preseason candidate for the second QB off the board, and cemented that after looking shaky throughout the season.

However, he’s edged out by Zach Wilson on the odds boards, a player who put up more than 3600 passing yards, 33 touchdowns, and only three interceptions. Wilson is a quarterback defined by his accuracy and ability to throw on the run, and he looks like a legitimate contender for this spot in the draft.

After the two quarterbacks are the best OL prospect in the draft, Oregon’s Penei Sewell, and Ja’Marr Chase, an elite WR prospect. While both great players, the immediate need for the Jets seems to be at the QB position.

NFL Draft 3rd Pick Betting Odds

By this point, presumably two quarterbacks will be off the board, with the Miami Dolphins up to pick. The Dolphins could end up trading this pick, or they could use it in order to bolster a relatively young team that overperformed last year.

2021 Third Overall NFL Draft Pick Odds

  • DeVonta Smith +110
  • Ja'Marr Chase +135
  • Penei Sewell +220
  • Micah Parsons +1000

The sportsbooks seem to be assuming that the Dolphins will keep this pick and look to add help for Tua Tagovailoa in the passing game.

DeVonta Smith, the Heisman Trophy winner, was a prime target for Tagovailoa in his last season at Alabama. A reunion could be in the cards, as Smith looks to be the favorite with +110 odds.

The Dolphins could also opt for Ja’Marr Chase as a receiving option, or bolster the offensive line with the services of Penei Sewell in order to keep Tagovialoa healthy.

Penn State linebacker Micah Parsons marks the first appearance of a defensive player on the odds boards, but he’s a longshot at +1000. Given how well the Dolphins played on defense last season, money should be put on them improving their offense.

NFL Draft 4th Pick Betting Odds

The fourth pick falls to the Atlanta Falcons, a team that is stuck in limbo with possibly the worst defense in the NFL and an aging QB and WR1 in Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. The Falcons need a lot of help, and a good pick here could go a long way.

2021 Fourth Overall NFL Draft Pick Odds

  • Zach Wilson +125
  • Justin Fields +200
  • Penei Sewell +425
  • Trey Lance +900
  • Micah Parsons +1000
  • Patrick Surtain II +1000
  • Caleb Farley +1600

Wilson and Fields are back on the odds boards at this point, as Matt Ryan is aging and the Falcons could be preparing for a rebuild with whoever falls to them. Sewell is still the best OL prospect in this draft, but it’s unclear that the Falcons can solve many problems by bolstering the OL.

Trey Lance is another potential QB prospect, but he’s regarded as a reach at 4th overall.

Micah Parsons could be an option for the Falcons at LB, while Patrick Surtain II is likely the best CB in the draft, with Caleb Farley his main competition at the position. The Falcons certainly need help in the secondary, as they gave up the most passing yards in the NFL in 2020.

If they want to try to make a Super Bowl push with their aging core, Surtain and Farley are solid players at a position of need.

However, it might be too early for them to reach for a CB, or they might be operating on a different timetable and looking to rebuild.

NFL Draft 5th Pick Betting Odds

The fifth pick in the draft belongs to the Cincinnati Bengals. They seem to have the QB situation locked down with Joe Burrow, they have a starting RB in Joe Mixon, and a good young WR in Tee Higgins.

Their needs, then, are obvious - protecting Joe Burrow.

2021 Fifth Overall NFL Draft Pick Odds

  • Penei Sewell -340
  • Ja'Marr Chase +200
  • Devonta Smith +900
  • Micah Parsons +900

Sewell is finally projected to go off the board here, to a team that desperately needs what he can offer.

The Bengals do not have quality offensive line players at the moment, and it showed, with Joe Burrow getting hurt partway through the season.

Burrow’s injury, ironically, might help him in the future if the Bengals can land Sewell, who can keep him protected on the blindside.

Other options include Smith and Chase at receiver to go along with Tyler Boyd and the aforementioned Tee Higgins, or Micah Parsons at LB, but Sewell seems like the obvious pick for the Bengals.

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