2020 “Hard Knocks” Will Film The Los Angeles Rams And Chargers

  • The HBO series “Hard Knocks” have picked two teams to document for the first time in the show’s history for the 2020 edition.
  • The series may not be filmed if the NFL camps are not held in the summer, which is when HBO films the show.

LOS ANGELES - The HBO documentary-style mini-series, “Hard Knocks” about the NFL has chosen to film both the Los Angeles Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers for their 2020 edition.

In January, the top contender for the show was the Pittsburgh Steelers, having had the shortest odds among sportsbooks. However, the Coronavirus pandemic has changed the course of the show and sports worldwide this year.

“Hard Knocks” 2020 Edition

The “Hard Knocks” Emmy award-winning HBO series typically follows one team each year but this year they will be following two teams in what they’re calling the “supersized” version of the show. Both teams are from Los Angeles. The SoFi Stadium, the first indoor/outdoor sports venue, will be opening at the end of the summer in L.A. and act as the official home stadium for both teams.

The Rams and the Chargers ended their 2019 seasons on the low end of the NFL totem pole in terms of performance. But each organization is revamping their rosters going into the 2020 season and will have plenty that can be filmed for fans of the teams and the series.

The complete overhaul in team strategies will be shown during the filming at each organization’s respective camps.

Filming two teams is a new format that the show is trying out as a new creative strategy. The teams were chosen because they’re in the same city and will be opening a new stadium that will be the shared home of the Chargers and the Rams.

This is the reason behind HBO’s team picks since they were not originally in the running. The organizations contrasting ways of playing in the same town is expected to add some exciting new aspects to the program.

Will The Show Go On?

The Coronavirus pandemic could halt the filming of the show and leave 2020 without a “Hard Knocks” mini-series to be watched. If summer training camps are canceled, the show will not be able to go on because that’s when it’s all documented for viewers.

The Rams have been featured on the show in the past during the 2016 edition while the Chargers have never been on “Hard Knocks.”

If COVID-19 keeps “Hard Knocks” from filming, it will not change each team’s new way of playing in 2020. As it is, the NFL Draft is being done virtually for the first time in history because of the outbreak. There is no word yet on whether or not the NFL summer camps will take place.

However, Los Angeles sports bettors have twice the odds of other cities for a Super Bowl berth this season with two organizations that are making big changes with the Super Bowl being the main goal in mind.

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