Rams Become 3-1 Favorite To Win NFC West Over Cardinals

  • The Los Angeles Rams are the -300 favorites to win the NFC West.
  • The Arizona Cardinals have +230 odds to win the division.

LOS ANGELES - The Los Angeles Rams and Arizona Cardinals are the last two teams with a shot at winning the highly competitive NFC West.

What The Standings And Odds Look Like

The NFC West is the only division in the entire league with two teams that have double-digit wins. The Rams and Cardinals are within a game of each other, but NFL betting sites are giving one team much shorter odds than the other to win the division.

NFC West Odds

  • Los Angeles Rams -300
  • Arizona Cardinals +230

The Rams currently hold a 11-4 record while the Cardinals hold a 10-4 record on the season heading into the final two weeks of the season. The two will not play one another so the possibilities are endless as to how things can end up.

How Los Angeles Wins The Division

Luckily for Los Angeles, all they need to do is win their final two games and they’re NFC West champs. However, neither of their final games are necessarily easy, but both are winnable. The Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers are the two remaining games.

They split the season series against the Cardinals, leaving the next tie-breaker to be the divisional record. The Rams currently hold a 3-2 record within the division but could push to 4-2 with a win over San Francisco.

Regardless of which team wins the division, both have secured a playoff spot whether it be through the wild card, so the two are only fighting for positioning and a banner in the stadium.

How The Cardinals Win The Division

For as many possible scenarios as there are, the Cardinals’ ride to the division title is also fairly simple. They need to win both games while Los Angeles loses at least one of their remaining contests. Those betting on the NFL may want to take a chance on Arizona as it’s not too farfetched of an idea.

If Arizona wins out and Los Angeles loses to the 49ers then the teams will have the same record, but the Cardinals will have a better divisional record, giving them the tie-breaker.

If Los Angles loses both games and Arizona only wins their game against the Dallas Cowboys, the tiebreaker would go down to win-loss-tie record against common opponents. Unfortunately, they do not control their own fate, but losing three straight games seems pretty self-inflicted. Regardless, their odds still have some value.

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