NFL Wild Card Odds Show 49ers, Eagles, Cardinals Favored

  • The San Francisco 49ers are -350 betting favorites to be a wild card team.
  • The Arizona Cardinals also have -350 odds as well.
  • The Philadelphia Eagles are -250 to earn a wild card seed, the last of the favored teams.

SAN FRANCISCO - With two weeks remaining in the NFL regular season, the wild card seedings are still up for grabs.

The Teams Favored To Win Wild Card Spots

There are three wild card spots in the NFC this season and NFL betting sites have released odds as to which teams will be the ones to secure the seeds.

To Win Wild Card Seed Odds

  • San Francisco 49ers -350
  • Arizona Cardinals -350
  • Philadelphia Eagles -250

The Arizona Cardinals have already secured a playoff spot, but are still alive in the NFC West division race. According to the New York Times’ playoff chances, the Cardinals have a 75% chance to not win the division and be a wild card team. The implied odds of -350 brings a 77.78% chance, showing the line is fairly accurate and therefore giving relatively solid value.

The San Francisco 49ers are a potential wild card team. The current playoff picture shows the 49ers have the edge over every team with two games remaining. There would need to be an epic collapse for San Fran to not earn a wild card spot.

The Philadelphia Eagles are expected to earn the last wild card spot. They currently have a 8-7 record which holds a one-game lead over the rest of the pack, showing they control their own fate in the playoffs. Philly also holds a head-to-head advantage over the Atlanta Falcons and New Orleans Saints, giving them the tiebreaker in that potential scenario.

Teams With Underdog Odds TO Win Wild Card Spots

The teams with underdog odds definitely have their work cur out for them as the odds seem fairly confident in the outcome. However, nothing is set in stone and anything can happen on any given Sunday.

To Win A Wild Card Seed Odds

  • New Orleans Saints +150
  • Los Angeles Rams +250
  • Minnesota Vikings +600
  • Washington Football Team +1200
  • Atlanta Falcons +2000

Those betting on the NFL can find the Saints as the most likely team to jump into the wild card seeds.The Saints could easily win their two games as the Falcons and Carolina Panthers aren’t the most challenging opponents, but they would still need help from the team’s above them. They’re given a 35% chance to get a wild card spot, but the implied odds give them a 40% chance, showing there’s not enough value on this bet to be worth betting.

The Los Angeles Rams are the team above the Cardinals in the NFC West and have a 75% of winning the division, but have secured a spot in the playoffs, implying a 25% chance to make the wild card game. As is the case with many of these teams, the implied odds (28.57%) don’t leave enough value.

The top three teams are likely going to keep their spots and despite the short odds can confidently be bet on.

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