Without A SB56 National Anthem Singer, 2m Becomes The Total

  • There are -120 ods on both sides of 120 seconds for the length of the national anthem.
  • No singer has been announced as the national anthem performer for Super Bowl 56.

LOS ANGELES - Sports betting sites have released odds on the duration of the Super Bowl 56 national anthem performance despite not having a singer announced.

National Anthem Length Odds

The Super Bowl is the most bet on event of the year and the betting options go past the game itself. Those familiar with Super Bowl betting know that there are opportunities to build a bankroll prior to the game’s opening kickoff.

Among the most popular bets is the national anthem duration. There has yet to be a performer named yet, but odds are released and give -120 odds on both sides of the line.

National Anthem Duration Odds

  • OVER 120 Seconds -120
  • UNDER 120 Seconds -120

Looking at past history, seven of the last nine performers have gone OVER two minutes, These odds will likely move as more information is gathered, but those who feel strongly in one side may be better off getting early action on the odds before the movement comes.

How The Odds May Change

Those who bet on the Super Bowl national anthem last year may remember the odds shifting drastically towards the OVER or being pulled completely. This was because a reporter recorded and posted the practice run, showing the projected time was 2:16, which ended up being right on the money.

Something similar could happen this year and at that point it would be up to the individual sportsbook to decide whether keeping the prop is worth it. Plus, depending on who gets announced as the performer the odds could swing as well.

Only Demi Lovato and Pink have gone UNDER the 2:00 total since 2013, showing that as the years go on performers make the most out of their time on stage in front of millions of viewers.

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