What Is The Longest Super Bowl 56 Betting Line?

  • The San Francisco 49ers to win the Super Bowl 20-17 against the Kansas City Chiefs has +35000 odds.
  • It is the longest odds available on betting sites as of Conference Championship weekend.

LOS ANGELES - Everybody loves a longshot, but even the most optimistic people have their limits. Those who don’t may cash in on 350-1 odds.

Longest Odds Available: Exact SB 56 Prediciton

When looking through a Super Bowl 56 betting site most people are looking for something that seems more likely than the odds suggest. If they happen to keep scrolling further down to the bottom, they’ll find an extreme longshot that may fit the case.

Super Bowl 56 Specials

  • 49ers To Beat Chiefs 20-17 +35000

Before someone rules this out completely. It’s important to know that 20-17 is the most common score in NFL history.

With that knowledge, if someone thinks the San Francisco 49ers end up doing this at least once in 350 simulations of the final games, it should be bet on.

What The Odds Suggest Is More Likely

Even those who don’t believe there’s a chance of it happening may find that other NFL odds are shorter despite listing seemingly less possible outcomes.

Super Bowl MVP Odds

  • Van Jefferson +10000

Van Jefferson has just four targets this postseason but is given +10000 odds to be named Super Bowl MVP. Sure, 100-1 odds are long, but is this significantly more likely than the 49ers winning 20-17 over the Kansas City Chiefs?

Super Bowl Exact Result Odds

  • Either Team Wins 42-36 +12500

There have been just three games in NFL history with a final score of 42-36, but the odds are saying that it’s nearly three times more likely for it to happen in the Super Bowl than the 49ers to win beat the Chiefs by the most common score in history.

Nobody in their right mind will make a promise or guarantee that the outcome happens, but it’s fair to say that relative to the other options on the board, the 350-1 price isn’t too bad.

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