Will Joe Burrow Or Justin Herbert Throw For More Yards In Week 3?

  • Joe Burrow is favored to throw more yards than Justin Herbert in Week 3 with -190 odds.

LOS ANGELES – Heading into Week 3 NFL action, online sportsbooks have NFL odds for which rookie quarterback will throw for more passing yards in Week 3 between Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert.

NFL sportsbooks are favoring that Joe Burrow will come out on top and throw for more yards in Week 3 than Justin Herbert.

Who Will Record More Passing Yards In Week 3?:

  • Joe Burrow -190
  • Justin Herbert +145

Before jumping to a decision, bettors should keep in mind of two main things. The first one is which defense both of these quarterbacks will be going up against in Week 3 and the second is what weapons they each have offensively.

Looking at Burrow and the Cincinnati Bengals, they are going up against a well-established Philadelphia Eagles defense that is led by Derek Barnett and Fletcher Cox.

Where this could have an effect on Burrow is that these are two of the premier pass rushers in the league that are going to bring the pressure on every play which could force Burrow to make under pressure throws that are not as accurate.

As for Justin Herbert and the Los Angeles Chargers, they are going up a depleted Carolina Panthers defense that has Brian Burns and Shaq Thompson.

Not to say that these are not great defensive players, but they do not hold the same value that Cox and Barnett hold on the Eagles which could be in favor of Herbert throwing for more yards.

As for what each team has to offer offensively that could help each quarterback get the passing yards that they need, the Chargers might have the upper hand.

Surrounding Herbert is a proven top-20 receiver in the league in Keenan Allen along with a reliable Mike Williams as well, a top-10 tight end in Hunter Henry and arguably the best pass-catching running back in the league in Austin Ekeler.

Looking at the Bengals offense, there aren’t many key options for Burrow to choose from.

He has talented receivers in A.J. Green and Tyler Boyd as well as Joe Mixon at running back who can make receiving plays, but this surely is not enough to push this offense to where it needs to be if Burrow was going to throw for more yards than Herbert.

With that being said, those who are willing to take the chance on betting on Justin Herbert, would be met with a great payout as he is being set up for a big game in Week 3.

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