Where’s The Money: Public Betting Info For NFL Week 3 Wagers

  • The Jacksonville Jaguars are one the least publicly backed teams against the Arizona Cardinals.
  • The Tennessee Titans and Indianapolis Colts game is seeing heavy sharp action on the total.
  • The Las Vegas Raiders are seeing a lot of public action against the Miami Dolphins.
  • The New York Giants are seeing sharp action against the Atlanta Falcons.

LAS VEGAS – Everybody has their own way of interpreting public betting information, as it’s unanimously considered an important aspect of sports betting. Knowing where the money is can be a key factor in finding the winning side of a bet.

Jacksonville Jaguars Vs. Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals are getting a ton of love from the betting public in their game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. NFL betting sites are seeing 95% of the handle on moneyline bets and 92% of the handle on the spread in favor of the Cardinals.

Cardinals Vs. Jaguars Spread Odds

  • Arizona Cardinals -7.5 -110
  • Jacksonville Jaguars +7.5 -110

Arizona isn’t only getting the bulk of the handle but also the sheer number of bets. Jacksonville is seeing just 20% of the moneyline bets and 7% of the spread bets.

Tennessee Titans Vs. Indianapolis Colts

There is a heavy sign of sharp action on the total of the Indianapolis Colts and Tennessee Titans game. The OVER is seeing just 59% of the total bets but holds 93% of the handle.

Colts Vs. Titans Total Odds

  • OVER 48.5 -110
  • UNDER 48.5 -110

Also in this game, the Titans and Colts are essentially splitting the moneyline bets and handle but Tennessee is getting over 85% of both the bets and money on the -5.0-point spread.

Las Vegas Raiders Vs. Miami Dolphins

The Las Vegas Raiders have had an impressive start to the season and have seemingly earned the respect of the betting public. Sure, the Miami Dolphins will be starting a backup quarterback but the public betting information is very lopsided.

Dolphins Vs. Raiders Spread Odds

  • Miami Dolphins +4.5 -110
  • Las Vegas Raiders -4.5 -110

Las Vegas is getting 91% of the handle on 93% of the bets on the spread making the Raiders one of the most publicly backed teams of the week for NFL wagers. Also of note in this meeting, the UNDER 44.5 points is receiving 91% of the money on 77% of the bets.

New York Giants Vs. Atlanta Falcons

This is the type of game where nobody will watch or pay attention to it unless betting on the game which makes it the perfect play for sharp bettors. The New York Giants are receiving just 28% of the moneyline bets but have 73% of the handle.

Giants Vs. Falcons Moneyline Odds

  • New York Giants -150
  • Atlanta Falcons +130

New York is also seeing 62% of the money head in their direction on the spread despite only getting 45% of the bets. The Atlanta Falcons are seemingly one of the more faded teams of the week by sharps.

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